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Help Using Direct Cable Connect to access network.

Hi.  I need help using DCC to connect to my home network.  The Guest and Host connect fine over a laplink cable.  The computer connected to the home network is the host and the computer without a nic is the guest.  I assigned IP's to the dial-up adapter and all the nics have IP's assigned.  The Host computer has two different IP addresses.  All subnet mask's are the same on all computers for all adapters.  The Guest computer can access the host and all other computers on the network.  The Host can access the guest and all other computers on the network.  The Host and Guest are running win95 osr2.
The other computers are running 98se.  The other computers running 98se give an error of "The specified computer did not receive your request. Try again later."  when trying to browse the guest computer.
The 98se computers can browse all other computers.  When typing pinging the guest computer's name from the 98 computers it gives the IP of the host's nic.  When pinging the guest from the host it gives the host's dial-up adapter ip.  No computer can ping the actual ip of the guest computer(except the guest of course). The guest can only ping it self.  What I want is to be able to ping any computer in the network anywhere.  I think the file sharing must be going over some other protocol.  All computers have ipx,netbeui,tcp/ip,netbios support for ipx installed.  The ipx protocol doesn't work correctly with the host and the other computer's either.  I need ipx for games.  I have no idea how to test ipx so I'll leave it at that.  So I want TCP/IP working between all computers,file sharing with all, and ipx with all.  All this already works with the home network just not the guest computer.  File sharing is enabled on all computers and stuff is shared.
1 Solution
the host mahcine is not routing between the DCC connection and the NIC. 95 is really poor at routing
suggest you pick up andother  NIC and install it, and add it to the hub
DCC was really designed only to connect the two machines (for file transfer)
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