HP computer with Win 95B crashes when using web brouser on DSL

I am working on an HP computer with Win 95B installed running on a DSL network.

When either Internet Explorer or Netscape is run the computer will hang and re-boot.  There is no blue screen or other error message indicating the what the problem might be.  The failure can happen immediately on starting the brouser or it might take several minutes but it always crashes.

This problem did not happen with a dial-up connection.

The computer will be OK if logged-in to the network or working off-line.  The failure mode is always the use of the web brouser.

I am thinking the problem is in the ethernet card or its drivers but I am not sure.  There are no problems or conflicts listed in Device Manager for the ethernet card or any other device. The card is a Netgear FA311/312.  I have checked their knowledge base but there was nothing listed there.

Also, there is a second computer (HP laptop) running WinXP on the DSL connection and it works OK.

Has anyone run into this before?

thanks for your help
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Check what is running on the computer (Ctrl+Alt+Del). Any useless/unwanted programs should be terminated.

Check for any kind of remains of the dial-up connection that may be left. Make sure there are no processes running that want to dial out.

Check for hardware conflicts (not probable).

Probably some dll's are nerfed.. reload win95 (or get a version of 98 cuz 95 sucks on a network anyway) over the top to try to fix the error.
Also if you ever used any software to alter the reg to speed up dial up it will totally screw up the pc when u throw broadband up there..

Doesnt make sense but ive seen it happen. Reload 95 over the top to see if it will work, or just upgrade (have the XP guy d/l a vs of 98 if you wanna try b4 ya buy) anyways, good luck

I hate to bring bad news, but I would suspect the FA311 is entirely to blame. I had built a load of small workgroup networks on Netgear kit - until the FA311.

I've mostly seen it crashing NT based machines, but I've seen even the slightest bit of network activity take down XP or Linux machines with that card in.

(Google for "FA311" and "crashes" and you'll see the problem)

Some say it's an obscure AGP conflict, so perhaps moving it to another slot would help. Otherwise, cards are cheap, so get another and try to return the Netgear - I don't believe later Netgear cards are affected and Linksys make similar spec cards for a similar price.
PicksburgherAuthor Commented:

I solved the problem already and should have posted the fix.  I found that by re-loading the OS over the existing version of Win95 I was able to fix the problem.  It's been a couple of months and all is well with the computer.  I guess WSJokah should get the points.

Submitted to PAQ with points refunded (75)

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