program doesnt exit correctly

i have a form that loads.  User enters ID and pass.  If the password is correct for that ID then it loads a MDI form and other child form open up after that.  well, if the user closes the program with the X in the top right the program is still running in the process list.  But if they close it with my close button, it exits like it should.

I have a datbase connection, is that what might be keeping my program running?  is there a way i can execute commands then the user closes with the X?
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SpideyModConnect With a Mentor Commented:
PAQ'd and points refunded.  

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kmorris1186Author Commented:
I just found it after i posted this question..

in the mdiform_unload

close the DE connection
then end..

can i remove this question??
Open your form then go to the code window select form on the right dropdown then unload on the left dropdown then close youdata connection.
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