NTBackup not compressing file to a tape Drive


I have a backup unit that has support for hardware compresssion.  NTBackup backs up OK but it doesn't appear to be compressing any data.  I am using the NTBackup GUI, does it automatically try to compress data (if the hardware has support for it) or do I have to use command line switches?  The backup unit has compression enabled (the compress light is on so it thinks its compressing it but it isn't)

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You need to add the line "hc:on" for it to use hardware compression.

For examples:
Long page just search for the word switch on the page and you'll get exactly what you need to know.


Either that or in the backup program itself just open the help, goto index and type in cmd line, or switches, i can't remember which.
Well according to the Backup help file you can do it through the GUI

To set advanced backup options

Using the Windows interface

Open Backup.
The Backup Utility Wizard starts by default, unless it is disabled.

Click the Advanced Mode button in the Backup Utility Wizard.
Click the Backup tab and select the files and folders you want to back up.
Click Start Backup.
On the Backup Job Information dialog box, click Advanced.
Set the advanced backup options you want, and then click OK. See the Notes section for a description of each option.

Selecting Back up data that is in Remote Storage backs up data that has been designated for Remote Storage. If you select this option, Remote Storage reparse points (placeholder files) are backed up. If you do not select this option, Remote Storage reparse points are not backed up. You can restore Remote Storage data only to an NTFS volume.
Selecting Verify data after backup verifies that the backed-up data is exactly the same as the original data. This could substantially increase the time it takes to perform a backup.
Selecting If possible, compress the backup data to save space compresses the data you are backing up so you can save more data on a tape. If this option is disabled, you do not have a tape drive on your computer or your tape drive cannot handle compressed data.
Selecting Automatically back up system protected files with the System State backs up all of the system files that are in your systemroot directory in addition to the boot files that are included with the System State data. This option will substantially increase the size of your backup job, but you should select it if you have recently updated drivers or changed other operating system files. For example, if you choose this option on XOX, it will add over 200 megabytes to the size of your backup job.
Selecting Disable volume shadow copy disables the default point-in-time shadow copy method used to create the backup. If this option is disabled, some files open or in use during the backup may be skipped. It is recommended that you do not disable this option. If Backup is unable to do a volume shadow copy backup, it will revert to the pre-XOX backup method.
Selecting a backup type in Backup Type determines how your data is backed up. Backup types include: copy, daily, differential, incremental, and normal.

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