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glGenProgramsARB undefined??

Hello all,

I'm running Mesa under Mandrake Linux.  Every time I go to compile my example, I get the a bunch of errors saying that functions like
glProgrtamEnvParameter4fARB , glBindProgramARB, glGenPRogramsARB are undefined.  I'm at a completely loss.  I have tried to include the glext.h file, i have tried to include the glxext.h file and i have no idea.  I have an NVidea GForce2 MX200 card...any help would be greatly aprreciated.

1 Solution
The functions you are talking about are defined by the ARB_vertex_program extension... this function is for writing your own vertex processing pipeline...

As it is an extension, and as the standard OpenGL implementation (currently at 1.4) does not include vertex programs, you need to get a handle to each of the functions manually at run time.

The glext header file provides function definitions for those functions, but as MESA doesn't support the ARB vertex program extension, it won't be able to link to any functions at compile time, and you won't be able to use those function at run time either!

How much have you used OpenGL, and are you aware of how extensions work under GL?

Corey080698Author Commented:
Thanks solarforge.  I actually had figured out the problem...I had two versionso fo the gl.h, glext.h and glxtokens.h files on my system.  I had to remove the old version and make sure the program was using the new files, which support the extneions, in the /usr/share/doc/NVIDIA_GLX-1.0/include.  Thanks for your help!

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