Networking a PC (win98) with G4 powerbook (os 10.2+) via ether


I apologize if this has been asked numerous times, but I couldn't find any instances that truely reflected my current situation.

I'm attempting to get my mac to access the files on my PC, and set up an enviroment where they can freely exchange (primarily audio) data between themselves. Unfortunately, I'm new to networking and am not even advanced enough to establish a relationship between the IP addresses that will allow ping communication. I do know how to access the networking setup screens in the respective operating systems, but beyond that I'm at a loss (i.e. generating IP relationships that allow for these two machines to be on the same network, establishing appropriate subnet masks, etc). This is a very basic setup, with no printer or aspirations of greatness. All I need to accomplish is to have system A see system B, swap audio files and return.

Can anybody hold a novice's hand and give him baby steps to accomplish this goal.

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Use either a hub, OR a crossover ethernet cable to connect the two machines. Assign the IP to the Mac with a subnet of Do the same for the PC except with an ip of Create a share point on the PC. On the Mac go to Go>Connect To Server. The PC share point should appear. Double click it.

Now, to test the network with a ping. Open the Network Utility in your Utilities folder. Go to the PING tab. Enter the PCs address. If you dont get a response the machines arent communicating.

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AnarchosynAuthor Commented:
Silly question #23: How does one go about creating a share point on a PC?
That's a question for the PC folk. We jus' Mac folk here.
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AnarchosynAuthor Commented:
Ok, let me reiterate -> what *is* a share point?
It's just a shared folder, volume, whatever on the PC that has been seleted to share with other users on the network.
On the PC right click on the folder and enable sharing, assuming that sharing has been set up in the control panel
Go to Dial up and network connections on your windows machine. Make sure print and file sharing are listed along with your adapter and protocols. (right click on network nieghborhood and select properties)  As suggested above check the IP address and subnet mask of both machines. The example Weed gives above are fine.

Create a shared folder or folders as mentioned above. (right click on the folder and select sharing.) Make sure your machines are connected through a hub or by using a crossover ethernet cable to connect them directly. If connecting them directly the cable is important, there is a difference between a crossover cable and a regular ethernet cable.

If your computers are connected to a hub then you should get a link light on the hub for each computer and/ or a link light on the network card on each computer.

Once you computers are linked you can check by pinging each machine if you want. Then on the mac from the menu bar select go and then connect to server. You should be able to select your windows machine and then select the folder you shared on it.

If I am repeating some info from preivious answers please forgive. Just wanted to be complete. Hope this helps.
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