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PHP - Archiving Posts


I have created a script that allows members to make posts on a site.  However, I would like to archive any posts other than the msot recent, lets say, 10, in a separate file.  How could I achieve this?  I was thinking i could put in a line of hidden code before each post that the sctipt would detect, and every time a post is made, it would remove and write into a new file the HTML code that follows the last of such a hidden line.  Is this possible?  Or is there another solution.  I am trying to avoid MySQL, but if that is absolutely necessary, I will use it.  The site I am talking about is here:


If any existing script code is required, please e-mail me at harrisonchen@yahoo.com

Harrison Chen
1 Solution
what I did is this :
1) I've an include on top of each page of my forum to check the existence of the session (and set default values like "visitor" if not). This is just after the session_start() pf course
2) in that file, whenever a user comes in "new" ("visitor") and is provided with the login page, I check chether I need to "backup" too-old messages
3) if yes, then I run a function to "clean-up the DB"
4) I prevent double-work by using a special table "status" built into each of my sites (message of the day, status of periodic actions,lastmod, forum status = closed, in maintenance, open, restricted, etc).

Simple and efficient

Let you have a look at this :

includedfile.php :
[some stuff here]
// now check forum's status and is there any cleaning up to do ?
$linkID=mysql_pconnect("$dbHost","$dbLogin","$dbPassword") or die ("bad connect".mysql_error());
mysql_select_db($dbName,$linkID) or die ("bad select DB ".mysql_error());
$query="select * from $dbTableStatus where id='1'";
$result=mysql_query($query,$linkID) or die ("bad query get forum status. ".mysql_error());
$locCleanToDo=$res["CleanToDo"]; // this is the example I take for you

$sess_bloque=$res["bloque"]; // 0 -ok-,1 -plus poster avant mois suivant-,2-bloqui (nonpaiement)-

switch ($locEtat) {
case "0" :
case "1" :
case "2" :
case "3" :
default :
  LogAction($sess_pseudo,$REMOTE_ADDR,"Forum in abnormal status, closing...",2);
} // switch
[... here some other irrelevant stuff]
// I'm only doing this for the first session renewed on each Monday
if ($ov==1) { // $locStatsToDo est synchronisi
  if ($poub=='Mon') { $nv=0; $doIt=TRUE; }
  else {$nv=$ov; } //  R`F
} else if ($poub!='Mon') { $nv=1; $doIt=FALSE; }
else $nv=$ov;
if ($nv!=$ov) { // mise ` jour BdD
  $query="update $dbTableStatus set CleanToDo=$nv, StatsToDo=$nv where id=1";
  $result=mysql_query($query,$linkID) or die ("bad query set stats1 via query=$query . ".mysql_error());
// here I launch the real work of cleaning up a table !!
if ($doIt) { // travail effectif
  $Action=0; // on return below, indicates if processing has to take place or not
  // this is the interesting lmine ; 6 is a number of days to come
  $Action=CheckUpload(6,$contenu); // from dbvarious.inc
  if ($Action==1) {
    //VGR17112001 ADDed this automatic cleansing
    LogAction('automate',$REMOTE_ADDR,'cleaning upload of obsolete entries...',2);
  } // if action
  else LogAction('automate',$REMOTE_ADDR,'CHKUPL Monday, not yet done, but nothing to do',2);

} // do It

// now resume normal processing done on each request
if ($sess_shut=="1") {
  LogAction($sess_pseudo,$REMOTE_ADDR,"rejection (forum is shut down) sessinc.",2);
  echo "forum shut down for maintenance... come back later<BR>";
  exit; // sort du script
} else {
//VGR06052001 : ADDed liste noire (bannis)
// here I check banned IPs and Pseudos (black-list) etc
// now I offer the login form
// and if it passed OK, I read user's data from the DB, I set up his/her settings,

NOW IN DBVARIOUS.INC I've this kind of function to clean up the "upload" area (DB's table and actual filesystem's directory for upload)
// please adapt to your needs
// the returned parameter contains the (HTML-formatted) list of files having been cleaned up, the total amount of bytes cleaned, etc - you can strip this
function CleanUpload(&$contenu) {
  GLOBAL $dbHost, $dbName, $dbLogin, $dbPassword, $dbTableUpload,$sess_osWin;

  $locTo=date('Y-m-d H:I:s'); //date("Y-n-j G:i:s"); // date du jour formatie en datetime-compatible
//echo "$locTo<BR>";

  if ($sess_osWin==1) $linkID=mysql_connect("$dbHost","$dbLogin","$dbPassword") or die ("bad connect".mysql_error());
   else $linkID=mysql_pconnect("$dbHost","$dbLogin","$dbPassword") or die ("bad connect".mysql_error());
  mysql_select_db($dbName,$linkID) or die ("bad select DB ".mysql_error());
  //1 : dij` expiris
  $query="select * from $dbTableUpload where expiration<='$locTo' order by dateheure asc;";
//echo "query $query<BR>";

  $result=mysql_query($query,$linkID) or die ("bad query get clean upload. ".mysql_error());
  if (mysql_num_rows($result)>0) {
    $contenu="$locTo<BR>Effacement des fichiers pirimis dans upload :<BR><UL>";
    while ($res=mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
//echo "$loc1 $loc4<BR>";
//debug windows
//echo "risultat unlink = $totor<BR>";
      //VGR27042002 BUGFIX inversion du test sur $totor=unlink() .......
      if ($totor!=0) $contenu.="<LI>OK EFFACEMENT $loc4 (ID=$loc1, taille=$loc8) d\'auteur $loc2 posti le $loc3 et dicrit par \"$loc7\"</LI>";
else       $contenu.="<LI>IMPOSSIBLE D\'EFFACER (raison coderetour=$totor) $loc4 (ID=$loc1) d\'auteur $loc2 posti le $loc3 et dicrit par \"$loc7\"</LI>";

    $contenu.="</UL><BR><BR>ce qui reprisente $compteur octets libiris.<BR>";
//echo "$contenu<BR>";
  $query="delete from $dbTableUpload where expiration<='$locTo';";
  $result=mysql_query($query,$linkID) or die ("bad query perform clean upload. ".mysql_error());
  } // if travail ` faire

} // CleanUpload procedure

I don't give you function CheckUpload($parNJ,&$contenu), it's almost the same

Hope this helps,

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