C: drive usage stats erratic

I have a 30 gig hard drive with Windows 98. The problem is that the drive usage stats for it are usually completely out of whack.

I know from when it *is* right that it's about 1/3 full (about 10 gigs used). But when I call up C: > Properties it will show the drive completely full (all blue on the pie chart). "Used space" says "(gobbldee-gook characters) bytes" and "Free space" says "90 (odd) GB". Norton Sysinfo > Drive reports similar numbers. DOS "dir" at C:> gives:

        46 file(s)    172,771,670 bytes
        16 dir(s)       92,667.95 MB free

The strange thing is that it sometimes clears up and reports credible stats (about 10 gigs used). I can't tell what clears it up, except that it usually is after I run C: > Properties > Disk Cleanup. I've run Norton System Check several times and that doesn't change it.

The other thing is that when it is right, I get the grey/white pie chart on the left space in Explorer with View > As Web Page on. But I don't get it when it's wrong.

Again, this is after running Norton Disk Doctor and System Check many times, Defrag'ed a couple of times. The only thing I think I haven't run is the complete Surface Test.


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stevenlewisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try running scandisk
Hi there,

Hmm, well pick one of a hundred reasons for that issue!

I have read something about this in the past, I think it could just be win98 not being able to get to grips with large drives. I have a 20GB and it doesn't lie. You could try getting to dos by pressing CTRL before the windows screen, then you'll have various startup options, go to "command line" or similar. Then with the prompt being "C:\" type "dir" [enter] and it should give you a genuine response to your capacity question.

Anyway, I've gotta go as I have a virus that needs sorting.

 Ta ta,

Oh, it might also be the formating of the hard drive, being FAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, or another one thats the latest and I've forgotten. But basically yours should be "FAT32". NTFS is for 2000 Prof. You can find this out (I know you'll know) by "My Computer" > Right click and properties on the C drive.


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Chris, if it was NTFS, 98 could see or use it (does not support NTFS) and if fat16 it would have to be 2gb or less
fat12 is for floppies, so that leaves fat32 :~)
Quite right Stevenlewis, though I once accidently loaded 98 OS on a NTFS HD and it worked OK. I always thought that NTFS was just a more secure OS and only compatible with 2000 and beyond. :o)
gt40mk2Author Commented:

(I am the questioner). No solutions on the question worked for me. I have since installed 2000 Pro (for other reasons) and the problem has gone away.
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