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Hi All,
      After learning PHP, I am considering which programming language to learn for MS Windows programming. I hear PHP is a bit like C, so should I considered C++ or will Delphi be easier for me.
Waht do you think?
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sfockConnect With a Mentor Commented:
well in this case i'd say that you'll achieve your goal easier with c++.
It is still possible to use this api with delphi. The importing is also not very difficult if you have the header files. All you need to do in delphi is to declare the functions of the api in a delphi unit as external. But if you do this some knowlege of both languages will be nessesary (wich type to map on wich type etc.) And you'll experience some additionl problems like difficult debugging into the api memory manegment etc.
So if you don't need a nice gui or easy database processing you should take a look at c++ in this case, because the simple use of this api will be easier in c++ then in delphi
Sure Delphi is much easier than C++, because Delphi code is Object Pascal, and Object pascal is much easier, readable, and very has a very clear syntax.

If you want a free EBook about Delphi then download Ebook and Delphi programming guide from my homepage:

there is no answer to the question "what language is the best?"
It does always depend on what you want to do.

In my opinion Delphi is the best choise for the most problems. It enables you to develop gui's fast like with vb it is able to complie code fast as c++ and it has just very few limits (even if cor api programming is still easier in c++ it is as possible to do it in delphi if nessesary) it supports all modern technologies asf.

If you don't need to develop platform independent,
if it is not your job to develop drivers or embedded software,
if you don't mainly want do develop "api applications"

choose delphi. The syntax is nothing you should care about, youll learn that in a few days.
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lloydie-tAuthor Commented:
I tend to learn by taking on a project. The project I am looking at has an API. So before I take it on the choice of language may have an impact in that the API is written in C++
what a api is that? is a common windows api, or a custom one? Is this api a (couple of) dll(s) or is it something like an com object?
tell me a little bit more about what you want to do.
lloydie-tAuthor Commented:
Because I work in telecoms. I am considering writing a small IVR programme. The API is based on 1 or 2 DLL's, but the are upto 6 c header files I will have to deal with or convert/re-write. I may be getting ahead of myself as I have no idea how hard they will be to convert if I choose delphi. By the way this is a custom API.
lloydie-tAuthor Commented:
I may still consider Delphi as there will be some database design using MySQL and I am planning on doing some server/client stuff to enable .wav messages to be play on any machine. Scary stuff as I have not started. No doubt there will be questions on how to convert c header files (have had a look at Headconv 4.1). Thanks for the advice
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