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Windows XP DHCP host/gateway for a redhat 6.2 laptop over serial/parallel link


I just installed Redhat 6.2 on a little Compaq Presario 1247 notebook.  Rather than take the easy path and just buy a pcmcia ethernet card, I'm trying to connect it to a Windows XP machine that is the gateway to my cable modem.....with either a parallel cable or serial cable.  Apparently this is easy when it is two windows machines (dcc), and not so bad when it is two linux machines...but between the two?  

Could anyone give me any suggestions where to even begin?  

Much appreciation
1 Solution
A null-modem serial cable should work.  From the sounds of it, you want TCP/IP so you can browse the web from the laptop...  for that, run ppp over the serial cable.

Here's an old article on how to do it with Win95, but the idea is still the same:

The article uses Linux as the server and Windows as the client.  That doesn't really matter... once the link is up, TCP/IP traffic can flow both ways.
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