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hi there,
i got adsl router with four port switch to whom four computers(two win200, win98 and Linux box)  are connected. internet is working fine. and ping command or u can say networking is working every fine.
Now my question is how i can control all the other three pc's with my linux box. I am totally new to linux so please help
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You need to define what you mean by "control".
What do you mean by control?  You can use VNC (Virtual Network Computing) which is freeware and developed by AT&T cambridge labs.  Redhat's Linux distribution has the utility (both server and client) built in.  You can install it on your other machines, and take control of the desktop remotely.  Here is the link to the binaries straight from AT&T:


This utility is freeware, and I have personally gotten it to work from Windows taking control of Linux, Linux taking control of Windows, and Windows taking control of Solaris.  Its completely universal on any operating system (aside Mac I believe).
Or you can start Telnet/SSH on each windows machine.  
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summusAuthor Commented:
Actually i got vigor2600 adsl router with four port switch.
all the pc's (win2000, win98, linux box) are all attached to that swtich. i want the linux box to act as a server and other all pc's as a client. moreover i want the linux box to act as proxy for all other pcs. can it be possible with that vigor2600 adsl router with four port switch. i dont want to buy another network card or switch.
Since you have the ADSL router, there is no reason to have your Linux box act as a proxy.  All systems can router through the vigor2600.  However if you want additional control over the people using the internet connection, then you can put two ethernet cards into the linux box, and have it act as a router as well (eg, configure the packet forwarding option in the /proc/net filesystem).  However this would only be helpfull if you wanted more control over the users on the internal network, and this would also alleviate the need for the adsl router, although you can keep the adsl router and have it act as just a firewall.  

Now by you saying you want the linux box to act as a server...  thats not very specific.  What do you want it to serve?  Do you want it to merely be a router for your network?  Do you want it to serve webpages?  do you want it to be a fileserver?  If you answer those questions, I can give you a specific answer.

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