storing user data for 24 hours

Hi, I cannot figure out how this site makes it so anyone who goes their can only be recorded once every 24 hours. Are they going by IP or what? I would like to use something like this on my site, but I was thinking that using an IP wouldn't be that accurate...:/
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VGRConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the only reliable solution is to use a mandatory login/password page and to check in the server's DB if the last try was less than 24 hours ago
a good solution is with the IP
but modem-users just have to reconnect and they get a new ip... although it is done most times like that...

another idea would be a cookie, but "intelligent" jusers just disable cookies and they have full access...
if you block the page when no cookie is sent they could even send you fake-cookies...

and the most secure solution would be with users that have to login!
and a register-process where they have to enter their email and you send them a email where they can activate the account...

this solution works best, but for little pages it is mostly unpracticable....

so i would suggest IP :D

hAhAAuthor Commented:
thank you both, I guess I will do something to that effect VGR : )
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