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I'm running Notes v5 on my laptop, not conected to a server, to create some specialised technical (non-IT)databases. These databases might run on servers when sold, or on local PCs, depending on whether the client already uses Notes or not. I'm not very familiar with Domino. This question is part of my task to enable me to give people time-limited trials of the databases and to prevent people from passing them on to others.

Previously I've asked questions around this and received some good help - see
and I've implemented some of the ideas.

Scott suggested I create time-limited user IDs. I gather from the previous replies I can create an ID file for a customer or trier of the database and then encrypt the file for that ID. I then send the database and the new ID file to the person. They swap to the ID supplied and this will allow the database to work. This isn't exactly bomb-proof but would put off most Notes users from passing it on, I guess. However I can't find a way to do this.

In the database Domino Setup (setup.nsf) I find a document with my computer's name on it. If I open the document I find a form with 3 buttons. If I click the Register users button, it asks me for my Certifier ID which I type in. However it brings the messagebox "You cannot add a directory to your workspace". Then I get another box saying "The template "userreg.ntf" cannot be found locally. Userreg.ntf is required for registering people onto Notes". Sure enough, my computer does not contain this file.

If I click "Launch Domino server" from that form, it says "Unable to locate program.

Can anyone lead me by the hand to setting up new IDs to do what I want?
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ZvonkoSystems architectCommented:
You need no lock id because this anyway would not work.
You can not lock a physical database owner to be manager of the database. Or do you want to encrypt the database with that id? After once gained access with your encrypt id can the user decide to decrypt it, and puff...

Your userreg.ntf is not there because you did not install Administrator client on that machine.

If you have a Domino server installed, then fetch the userreg.ntf from server's data directory.

Good luck,

Oh, and do not tell me the joke with EnforceAcl :-)

Justa thought here... couldn't you 1.)  Just hide the design so that no one ccan open the design logic to modify it.  And secondly, however the database first displays, whether it be a navigator screen or page, setup a hide formula based upon date so that after a certain date the functionaly is hidden.  This would give the impression that the database is no longer actively working.  Have some sort of pop up box that displays the amount of days remaining on the database trial, based upon the hide formula.....:-|
StuartOrdAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comments. As before, Zvonko assumes I know more than I do, so I can't even follow his jokes! Never mind, I'm sure it's a good one :-)

Yes I can hide the design - I'd discovered how to do that. And yes, using IDs might have flaws (other than the fact that I'm struggling with them....)

I like the idea of a first navigator and some scripts controlling things. Here's the aim now. I think that limiting the number of documents in the database in trial mode, and limiting the time that the database will run in normal mode (requiring a relicense to free it up again) is a suitable plan. It doesn't need to be bomb proof, I just want to encourage users to try and buy, and later to relicense. If it is time limited in a reasonably secure way, users might copy it for others, but the copies will also stop working fully after the time period. Indeed users will probably want to as they will use different copies of the database for different technical studies, and this is fine and allowed). I don't want to lock users out after the time has expired as they should be able to view their previous work, but not add to it or alter it. I guess users could pass the relicense information to others if they have given away copies, but I don't think this is necessary. I have seen systems that "lock" a program to a computer or server, but I think that's too complicated for me unless you can think of an easy way to do that.

Could we make a system like this?:

1. Initially the first navigator comes up and some script checks the password that is stored in the design and therefore hidden. As this will be blank the very first time, it says "This is a trial version" and offers an inputbox for a password to the full version. If the value entered is incorrect or blank, it stays in trial mode (see 5 below). Users get a password when they buy a license.
2. If the correct password is entered, then it goes into normal mode. It stores the password so that the user isn't nagged in future, and when he reopens the database it goes straight to the next step, bypassing this first navigator.
3. The next step is to check the system date, and if it is more than say 1 year from a date preset and stored in the hidden design, then the database goes into a "read only" mode. This would allow users to still see existing work but would need to relicense the database to be able to create new work.
4. After the first screen it goes to the normal main navigator, or goes there directly if the correct password is now stored.
5. If in demo mode, if the number of documents in the database exceed a present limit, then a script would disable edit mode if that's possible, and a messagebox tells the user that he has reached the limit of the demo version. If not possible to disable edit mode, there could be a script behind all the "create new form" buttons that checks the number of documents in the database. If this exceeds a preset limit for demo mode, the buttons would fail to work. I guess this means that the forms should be excluded from the Create menu. Or something else that satisfies the aims.
6. If the time has expired, then a script would again disable edit mode if that's possible, and a messagebox tells the user that he has reached end of the license period via a messagebox. If diable edit mode is not possible, then we'd have to disable the buttons as in demo mode.
7. On closing the database, a script adds up the number of documents in the database. This would be to prevent the slowing down that would be caused if it did this every time a button is clicked.
8. For relicensing, we need a simple way to "poke" a new date into the database - perhaps by a design replace again. The user might have a number of databases to unlock, and a tedious method would not be acceptable.

Quite a task! Any help appreciated.

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All of what you are looking for is workable using scripts and hide when logic and I'm sure Zvonko has alot of slick ideas himself. :). But definitely not possible at 100 points....
StuartOrdAuthor Commented:
OK, make me a bid! I have no feel for what points are worth to you guys.. but I do have a budget!
StuartOrdAuthor Commented:
No offers? I'm disappointed! Surely it's not that difficult?
do you have a template that you could send so that I could work off of that to see where your currently at ?  send it to me @
I'll take a look and get back to you with an estimate...

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StuartOrdAuthor Commented:
After a couple of E-mails with pratigan, looks like I'm going to try to code some of his suggestions and post questions. I'll credit this question to him - more questions will follow!
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