Adding images to a textbox?

Hi there,

Got a 'quick' question... Can I add an image to a textbox? Or can I make it look like an image is in the textbox?

Thanks in advance!
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SethiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can add image to a Richtextbox control. The following links provide excellent code to show how picture can be added to Richtextbox control:
No you can't add an image to a textbox

Use an image control and use the winapi to set the left margin of the textbox to accomadate the image.You would have to use the winapi to adjust the margins of the textbox to accomadate the image and either paint the image using BitBlt or use an image control.
SiebeAuthor Commented:
And what about the richtext format textboxes?
SiebeAuthor Commented:
Thanks! Just what I needed, with a little tweeking tough
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