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Have to disable/Enable network connections on Win2K machines

I have a Win2K Pro machine connected to a Win2K Server.  I was playing with the server a bit, and now it seems I have to go through the following procedure to connect to the server:

- Disable the client network connection
- Disable the server network connection
- Enable the server network connection
- Enable the client network connection

Both network cards are 3com 3c905s with the same driver being used on both machines.  The server has one static IP NIC ( and 2 other NICs installed.  DHCP is supplying those with dynamic addresses. The client address is dynamice as well (I've tried statics with no effect).  The two settings are as follows:


IP            169.254.0.xx (dynamic)
Subnet Mask
DNS Server


Subnet Mask
DNS Server

I can start the server, wait 15 minutes, then start the client with the same symptom.  The only other interesting symptom is that ROTE PRINT on the server shows two entries pointing to two different gateways... one the static IP NIC, and another one of the dynamic IPS (which by the way DHCP shows in its server title...why I don't know... not a DHCP expert here).
NO DNS or DHCP errors in the event log.

Help me to not have to perform that procedure of disable/enable on the client and server please!

1 Solution
It doesn't sound like DHCP requests are going through.  Those look like default values for when windows fails to recieve a DHCP ACK response.  Check to make sure your dhcp services are running properly.  See if you can switch your network to the private class C range, which is 192.168.x.y where x is a user-specified network number, and y are the host numbers (where 0 < x,y < 255).  Your DHCP server should be providing 192.168's to everyone.

Try to configure both Dynamic cards in the server with Static IP Addresses, then look in the DNS Settings in the DHCP scope if this is targit correct addresses. then
kill DHCP Services in services task restart services.

It seems generally that you might have encountered a DNS problems. Cause in Win2000 DHCP is also using the DNS to provide Zones in DNS...

RadRichieAuthor Commented:
Well, changing to 192.168.5.x seemed to require demoting and promoting the Domain Controller.  

Now DHCP and DNS seem to be set up OK to my eyes, but the client cannot get an IP address from the server.

The Active Directory and DNS both say the client has leased (first in the dynamic range), but the client 3c905 NIC has a 169.254.x.x address and ipconfig /release says it doesn't have a DHCP address.

I can't ping, which is the server 3c905 NIC.
The other two server NICs have and now (static).

It also takes the client a long time to get past the network connections startup screen, or to ipconfig /renew.


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Make sure that your ethernet cable is fine.  To do this REPLACE it with one of the known good cables.  Does the problem persist?
RadRichieAuthor Commented:
The cable is fine too.  The trouble was the combination of trying to set up a VPN on a domain controller.  Once RRAS was disabled, client connectivity worked fine again.

The following webcast mentions how difficult it is to set up a VPN on a domain controller.  I've has this problem before too, I just forgot that RRAS was the culprit.

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