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need some help... about XWD

hello everyone,

i hope you must be fine. I am Asim Ajmal from Landmark Resources (www.lmkr.com) Islamabad, Pakistan. I am working as a  software developer over need some help... about XWDhere.

I need some help to capture the screen in linux in .xwd form. I know that XWD command exist in Linux OS but i need its implementation. i had developed a solaris based screen capture utility for 24bit depth for XRunner (a Mercury interactive product). Initialy i used XGetImage API to capture the screen, but in case of overlaps of different visuals/depth windows there was some distortion in results, so i used XReadScreen() API, but that API was specific to solaris, this API takes screen shots in 24bit depth, and in case of multiple depth/visuals overlaps it takes screen shot in highest depth available, just as XWD command do in unix.

now i have to implement same thing on Linux, i cant port the solaris code beacuse XReadScreen() is specific to solaris. Can you tell me any alternate API in Linux? XGetImage is fine in case of same visuals overlap, but different visuals overlap it is not desirable. If you know any API like XReadScreen then please let me know, or any help in this regard.

i tried to search the source code of xwd and xwud (on linux) at /usr/src but i m helpless. waiting for relevant reply.


Asim Ajmal
Software Developer
LMK Resources,
A Landmark Graphics Affiliated Company
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1 Solution
This must be one of the most explored areas, when it comes to X applications:-).

There are a large amount of "snapshoters" and "screendumpers". xwd, xwpick, ksnapshot ...
Downloading the source code to any of these should be informative.

If I understand you correctly, you haven't got the source code for xwd? Get it from http://www.xfree86.org, it is part of the "standard toolset" bundled with X.
ksnapshot can be gotten from http://www.kde.org, where it is bundles in "kdegraphics".
xwpick is ... xwpick... you could get it (source) from any number of sources... Why not http://www.debian.org ...

Any of these should be provided to you (in source form) by your linux distributor. The form and "placement" of the source is often a bit quirky... Installing a RedHat source rpm will "install" the still packed tar-ball to /usr/src/...somewhere..., while Mandrake only supply source RPMs via direct download, etc etc.

-- Glenn
try GIMP http://www.gimp.org this program can take screenshots with very good results..

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Interpreting the question as asking for relevant example source code, this question has been answered in adequate detail by me.

-- Glenn

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