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How to interface HTML with C

Posted on 2003-03-09
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Last Modified: 2010-04-15

I have developed a project in C (backup tool), i want to develop a GUI for my application.  The GUI should have "windows explorer" kind of interface to select different folders (and files) for backup process (one of the feature of my application).  My plan is to port the same application to Linux also in future.  The GUI should be appealing, powerful enough to show "windows explorer" kind of GUI.

Now the question is, Which is the best technology (html or java) ?  As I told earlier the project what i have developed is in C, i should be able to interface C with GUI and GUI should be portable (windows, linux).

If it is HTML ? which technology i should depend upon - javascript, asp, jsp, applet, etc

If it is Java ? again which technology i should depend upon - awt, swing, jfc, jsp, etc

Kindly suggest me any good sites / books also.

- DeepakHK
Question by:deepakhk
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I have the impression that you are bit confusing different topics. If you want to have a GUI like "windows explorer" you  probably want to use the Explorer as COM Object.

Of course you always can write the GUI in C.

Now what you might look for. You want have an interface which  is based on HTML?

There are a bunch of libraries there to parse, write and do whatever you like with HTML if you need you can write it by hand. (which is a very poor idea)

The other thing you might look for is a portable GUI for you needs. If that is what you want to have zillions of options.
a) look for a Cross Platform GUI Toolkit (e.g GTK+ for C or maybe QT for C++

b) you can fall back to write you GUI in another languages as  suggested be it Java, Tcl/Tk or whatever you like or know


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Hmmm .. I agree about the confusing :)

Firstly, what is 'windows explorer' kind of interface ?.
In my PC, Windows explorer is a program with a folder tree on the left and file list on the right. It seems reasonable for a backup program. However you ask about  HTML. The one that display a HTML document for me is Internet Explorer. So ... yeah ... I'm confused.

Anyway, you have a good collection of terminology (or jargon). Please allow me to add one more. It's called CGI (computer graphic interface). That's the old fashioned way to interface HTML to C.



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Damn ... pardon me. I was really confused.
CGI is not computer graphis interface but common gateway interface. Sorry :)

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My recommendation, which I will post in the Cleanup topic area, is to
accept answer by Fridom [grade B] (more advice than solution).


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