VideoCard not working: what is the sound?

 My video card is not working I think coz there's a sound coming out my pc. And my monitor displays nothing!  What is the sound of a pc when the video card is not working?
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It depends of the BIOS of your motherboard.
Can you tell me the model of your MB ?

Usually, a long beep followed by 2 short beeps indicates a video card problem. Maybe it is not well inserted.

What did you do between the moment it was working and now ?
Not sure what you mean. The most common BIOS sound to indicate the graphics card isn't found is three long beeps, but that varies between BIOSes, and without knowing which BIOS you're running it's difficult to help. If you really think you have a graphics card problem, try taking the card out and seeing what happens--if you get exactly the same boot-up beeps you can assume the card is indeed faulty (or maybe just not fitted properly) and go from there.

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Sis478Author Commented:
 Actually I did take it out, and there was the same beep when my card is there.  I forgot the model...I'll just check it up!
You know, i had almost the same problem, but for me it was a fried motherboard, if nothing else works, try a different motherboard.
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