Where can I find a printer driver for the above printer or a compatible driver for my win'95 machine.
I cannot afford to upgrade to Win'98. the connection is USB from PC to Printer.
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it seems to me that the printer was not designed for use with windows 95. sometimes this happens. is this printer new to you? have you ever had it working on a windows 95 system. there are differences between windows 95 and windows 98. if hp is not offering a driver for windows 95, then you're probably out of luck.

take care.
zaraegasAuthor Commented:
I have tried HP for Drivers, Are there any compatible Drivers instead for the HPDJ 3325 on Win'95.
yeah, i know. i checked before i posted, which is what led me to believe that you are going to have trouble getting to work on your system, if at all.

and no, i'm not aware of any windows 95 compatible drivers for that printer.
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i just found this one. it looks like it's from a dutch or finnish site or something. but it might work.


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zaraegasAuthor Commented:
Thank for your help & speedy response, unfortunately impossible to download without being fluent in Finnish.Thx again anyway.Zar
well, good luck. if no one else responds, i suggest you just download the file. you don't have to be finnish. i wen there and looked it over myself again. there's only one link on there. it's an executable. and it's the software. i stopped the download process because i don't need the file. =) i suppose that it's possible the file's installer is in finnish. but i think it would be english. if you've already gotten to this point, and it is in finnish, please disregard.

good luck.

Hp's website quotes:

Minimum system requirements  
Operating system
 Minimum system requirements
Microsoft(R) Windows XP
 Pentium (R) 233 MHz
40 MB* free hard disk space
Windows 2000
 133 MHz
40 MB free hard disk space
Windows 98, Me
 166 MHz
40 MB free hard disk space
Mac OS 9.X
 Power PC Mac OS based computer with USB port
10 MB free hard disk space


There is no mention of Win95. Apart from which how are you intending to connect a USB based printer to a Win95 box. USB was not available when Win95 was introduced. I think you should either up-grade your pc or 'Ebay' your printer and buy one that is compatible with Win95. In truth I think it's time to up-grade your pc as things have moved on a lot since Win95.
Sorry, Win '95 is not supported by the 3325. You have no other options, since the driver simply doesn't exist. You really should do yourself a favor and upgrade by the way. As for alternatives, I know of no other printer manufacturers that support Win'95 with their new printers (come on, it's an 8 year-old operating system, in computer terms, it may as well be 100 years old...)

Sorry, but that's the truth!

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