REDIRECT to ASP site causes ASP SESSION to end after 2nd new browser window opened - Bizarre!!

This is a bizarre issue that I can't resolve.

We have a web product on a dedicated server that uses ASP pages (and global.asa)
Some of the sites on this server use anonymous access and some use just challange/response, but this makes no difference to this issue

The application operates in one main browser window, but also opens some new browser windows to perform some functions and show information pages

If you use favourites or type in the URL to the browser to gain access to the site , it works fine and lots of windows can be open/closed as necessary as the application is used, and the ASP session remains intact

BUT.... if the site is called via a redirect from another web site (internal or external), the ASP session is created and remains intact for the main window, but after a second new browser window is opened the ASP session is killed. After the first new window is opened, everything is fine and the main browser window operates as normal with multiple page requests causing no problem - it's only when the second new window is opened that the ASP session is immediately killed.

This problem is perfectly consistent and recreatable. It is very obvious when anonymous login is not enabled, because the challenge response re-requests a username and password to access the server.



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Sashi RachabattulaSCRUM Master, Technical ManagerCommented:
session will end if window is closed
Sashi RachabattulaSCRUM Master, Technical ManagerCommented:
new window wont get the session value
Sashi RachabattulaSCRUM Master, Technical ManagerCommented:
follow up pls..
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marke1Author Commented:

Thanks for the comments

The main browser window is always open in the background. It is the new info browser windows that open on top that cause the problem, but only when the site is opened from another site, not if the site is accessed via favourites or typed into the address bar.

The application is fine - the issue I need resolving is why the sessions is terminated just because the site is called via a redirect...


Sashi RachabattulaSCRUM Master, Technical ManagerCommented:
send the code pls..
marke1Author Commented:
Thanks for the comment

The redirect from a web page is a simple <A href=.....> tag

The new windows get opened (from the main browser window) using script (pop up information windows)

I don't think the code is the issue the application works fine if called via the address bar on the browser- I think it relates to something more general like a setting in IIS which is affected when the application is called via an external link.


Hi marke1,

>>> I think it relates to something more general like a setting in IIS which is
>>>affected when the application is called via an external link.

I don't think so.  Whether the user clicks on a link in the browser window, or types it in the address window, it makes no difference, provided the URLs are identical.  You are using the word "redirect".  Do you mean ASP redirect as in:

     Response.redirect "somepage.asp"

Or simply a HTML link on a web page like:

     <a href="somepage.asp">Go to Some Page</a>

Here are some troubleshooting steps:

1.     Verify that the URL in the link is identical to that typed in the address window, including any querystring variables.
2.     Post your code that handles session management, particularly the start of a new session.
3.     Post the code that launches the second window that kills the session.
4.     How do you know the session is "killed"?

Best Regards,

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hi mark

1) can you tell how you came to know, that the problem is occurring only at this point's only when the second new window is opened that the ASP session is immediately killed...

2) as far as i know, redirecting/typing url/favourites do not have any impact on session variables.

3) session.timeout ? is that a possible reason.
4) have a look at this link

 listening to your and other experts' followups...

happy programming!!

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happy to split the points as suggested

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