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how to enable NFS in red hat linux?

i have two computers at my home running red hat 7.2 on both of them. they are interconnected and pingign each other successfully(ip addresses are and what should i do to configure nfs on one computer and make it accessable on the other.
1 Solution
on the computer you what to share a directory.
edit /etc/fstab and add

CGJung:/media/cdrom /nfscdrom  nfs        
        rsize=8192, wsize=8192, timeo=14,intr

This imports the CGJung:/media/cdrom directory as /nfscdrom on the local host. The CGJung is my computer host name. Yours would be or

so you would do local_directory_to_import_to rsize=8192,wsize=8192,timeo=14,intr

On the computer you want to export the/media/cdrom directory. /media/cdrom
Edit the /etc/exports
and add a line to export the directory.
add the following line.

/media/cdrom voyager (ro insecure)

The directory to export is /media/cdrom
voyager is computer that is allowed to import the directory.

make sure that the nfsd server is running.

This will automatically try and mount the directory on boot. If you do not what it to auto mount the directory add noauto on the line in the fstab file that imports the file after the file system type nfs.


sumsamAuthor Commented:
thanks cspangen but how can i see whether my nfsd server is running or not.
and one more thing....
if i run "rpcinfo -p" the result comes like this...

programs    vers    proto    port
100000      2       tcp      111     portmapper
100000      2       udp      111     portmapper

does it have anything to do with my nfs?
as root run the following command

service nfs status

This will tell you if the nfs service is running...

port 111 is the portmapper daemon (this IS needed for NFS to operate properly)

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