Agent to change a field

Hi, i'm new to Lotus programming, and I have some problems with views.

I have a document arranged by chapters, and the name of the chapter is specified in a field ( "chapter") of the document. My question is: is there a way of changing  the chapter name other than editing each document?

I was thinking maybe in an agent that could change the same field in several documents at the same time. But i don't get to figure out a way to pop-up a dialog screen with which i could enter the NEW value for the field.

I know this may be a complicated way of thinking stuff but it is the only one that came out.

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HemanthaKumarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Create agent to run on selected documents.


NewChapter := @Prompt([okcancelEdit]; Chapter; "Please enter the new chapter"; "New Chapter);
FIELD Chapter := NewChapter;

bluth_novaAuthor Commented:
Thanks, it works perfectly!!!
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