New Windows with TWebBroser Control and IE6 SP1 (Delphi 5)

I am having a problem with IE6 SP1 and the TWebBrowser Control in Delphi. Since upgrading to SP1 on IE6, I can no longer click a hyperlink with a "_blank" target. The program will lock up. Has anyone else experianced this problem, and if so, how do you get around it?

Thank you in advance.
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I have a program with TWebBrowser, and i have IE6 SP1. No problems. I think, you better double check your code. Do you have a code in OnNewWindow2 event?
sdwilson24Author Commented:
No, I do not have any code in the OnNewWindow2 event. I am going that route now since I have not had any luck with this. Here is some more background. The program works fine on computers running IE5 , IE5.5 and IE6. It just recently stopped working on some computers using IE6 and the only common thread that I could find was that they all had SP1. I suppose that it could have been some other patch or security update. I am on WinXP pro, and have all updates applied. The program (and other similar programs) used to work. Even the WebBrowser Demo included with Delphi no longer works when you click a HyperLink that has a "_blank" target. Thank you for your comments.
Very strange situation :)
Just checked webbrows.exe and found no problem.
BTW, did ENTER key works in you program, when you fill out HTML fors and try to POST it?
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sdwilson24Author Commented:
 I just checked it, and the ENTER key does not work to post a form.

  In addition to this, I can do a "Ctrl-N" in the window, and it will launch a new window with the current page in it. ????????????
Try to create blank app. with TWEBBrowe on main form. Will you have the same problem?
sdwilson24Author Commented:
  Thanks for the suggestion. The first thing that I did when we started experiancing this problem was to go to the basic app. (Just a form and a TWebBrowser) and a simple web page.  In the form activate method, I am calling the Navigate method of the browser to load the page. I am still having the same problems with this simple app.
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