Missing Assembly when distributing c# DLL - Deployment Question:

Hi.  I'm new to the c# game and was hoping someone might be able to point me to a resource that can help me with this problem.

I've written a c# DLL which includes calls to functions within the Microsoft.SqlServer.NotificationServices namespace.  I include the dll for that namespace as a resource in the c# project.  The project compiles and runs fine on my local system.  I move the DLL to our testing server and register it using regasm and gacutil.  This appears to work, and the DLL is now visable from within OLEVIEW.  

Notification Services, which installs the Microsoft.SqlServer.NotificationServices namespace, had already been installed on the testing server.  I've verified this by checking via OLEVIEW.  I am also certain that my local version is the same as the version running on the server.

However, when I run an application that makes a call to my newly developed class I am recieving an error stating that, "The assembly Microsoft.SqlServer.Notification Services, or one of it's dependants was not found."

My question is, is there something special I am required to do when registering a dll on another system which relies on other classes to function properly?  Is it not simply enough to state that Microsoft Notification Services must be intalled as a prerequsite for my classes to function?

Thanks for any help you might be able to offer.  Much apprecieted.  

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IMO you should check out the "or one of it's dependants was not found"
mt404Author Commented:
Is there an easy way to view all of it's dependants?
mt404Author Commented:
Is there an easy way to view all of it's dependants?
mt404Author Commented:
Ended up figuring this one out myself.  I'm not sure why I had to do this, maybe someone could shed some light on  that, but I had to register the Microsft Notification Services class library in the GAC myself with GACUtil.  On my local system I din;t have to do that but I did on the server.  Not sure why.  Anyway, working now.  =)
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