Monitoring CPU Usage: PDH always reporting 0% or 99%

In attempting to monitor CPU usage, I have the following code:

     HQUERY q;
     HCOUNTER pCnt;
     long cpuload = -1;
     if (!PdhOpenQuery(NULL,0,&q))  {
          printf("PdhAddCounter return value: %d\n", PdhAddCounter(q,"\\Processor(0)\\% Processor Time",1,&pCnt));
          printf("PdhCollectQueryData return value: %d\n", PdhCollectQueryData(q));
          printf("PdhGetFormattedCounterValue return value: %d\n", PdhGetFormattedCounterValue(pCnt,PDH_FMT_LONG,NULL,&cpu));
          cpuload =  cpu.longValue;


     printf("%d", cpuload);

Running on Windows 2000, I always get 99 as my return value. On Windows NT, I always get 0.
I have also tried the following counter strings in place of "\\Processor(0)\\% Processor Time":
"\\System\\% Total Processor Time"
"\\Processor(_Total#0)\\% Processor Time"

If I use "\\Memory\\Available Bytes", I do get sensible return values for this, suggesting something is right in my code!

Any idea why I should be getting these return values regardless of the actual CPU activity? What am I doing wrong?

Many Thanks
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Never used these, so this could be bogus....

Do you need to give some time between initialising the query, and collecting the data from it. At the moment you're doing these pretty damn close together. I don't know how often the counters get updated, but I could imaging 0 or 99% being the only answers you'll get, since either 1 'tick' occurs (and you're processing) or doesn't.

Maybe try shoving in a sleep(1000) just after the OpenQuery??

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