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Cheap Wireless VLAN

I've shared Internet connections using cheap broadband routers in the past, but have come across a (common?) problem this time round.

In this case there are two small companies in the same building and they want to share a broadband connection but maintain seperate LANs. In other words when someone in Office 1 clicks on network neighborhood they don't want to see any computers from Office 2.

They are set on wireless because they don't want to lay any wires. Traffic will be very low, the LAN seperation is the issue, not performance. I realize that a managed switch with VLAN support and a couple of access points would do the trick, but thats too expensive. At this point I may try doing it with 2 wireless routers but am unsure if this will even work.

Is there a simple solution that I'm missing? Is there a reasonably priced box(s) that will do this or perhaps another solution I'm missing entirely?

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G'day, ElmoTheFluffyMuppet

How far apart are they in this same building? Wireless is much more suited to outdoor building-to-building connections.

You have the right concept. A wireless soho router at your end (like a Linksys) will connect the two different IP subnets, keep them separated, and a wirelss brige at their side, plugged into their existing LAN hub/switch should provide the bridge. It all hinges on the building and whether or not you can get enough distance through the walls.


ElmoTheFluffyMuppetAuthor Commented:
They are very close in the same building. It's an old home converted to office space.

Is interference a problem when they are close? I was planning on restricting clients to one router or the other by MAC address.
Sounds like a good solution then. Interference would come from Microwave ovens and cordless 2.4MHz telephones, just don't place the Access point too close. No problem putting them too close. Linksys access point has MAC address filtering, but the only MAC address you would have to add to the AP is the bridge's. Individual clients won't be associating with the AP. Works very good. Other wireless security issues to consider: 1. turn off SSID broadcast, 2. use WEP encryption, shared key with manually assigning keys between the bridge and the AP.
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