No document.fileSize in one page

Hello !

I'm coding a script to get the size of a page ...
It works VERY WELL in any page I try , BUT the page I really need this piece of code to work just refuses to accept the script .

In any page , this script works fine :

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="Javascript">
var size = document.fileSize;
alert(size+' KB');

But in the page I need , it says that I have an error in the line with the "document.fileSize" ! And I just can't figure out why ...

Thanks in advance ,
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I copy/paste your code and it worked for me. Do you have any more code maybe in the page that you are having trouble with, that we can see.

Same Problem here:
i copy&pasted the script into a BLANK html page, alert worked great.

BUT when using the javascript in a by php generated page(maybe extension?) it gave an error on the fileSize function.
using "if(!document.fileSize){ alert('nope'); }" also made it trigger an error(=no alert).
using "var size = (document.fileSize)*1; " also didn't work...

maybe this helped a little

cladinizAuthor Commented:
This is a very silly thing ! Look what I've tried :

1 - I thought it could be a conflict between this and another javascript that I have in the page , so I took off all the javascripts from the page , left only this one ... and : doesn't work , the same error !

2 - I thought it could be some header problem ... I took off the all the headers from the beggining and I took off all meta tags ... and nothing ...

3 - I stripped down all flash files , iframes , and everything it was possible , until only left the code I wrote above and : NOTHING ! It was very strange !

So , I finally made up why doesn't work ... My page was built under php , and I had a php function session_start() in the top of the page ... I took off and worked !

The javascript function fileSize() can't be used togheter with the php sessions' functions ...

Anybody know a workaround ? I really need a way to know the page's size ... I know I can do with PHP file_size function , but it will only get the HTML size ... I need dome function , either in PHP or javascript to get the size of all the contents of a page , including images , and , if possible , .swf files and external .js and .css files .

I know I can do some php classes to do the whole work , but I don't have time ... Anybody know a solution ??

Thanks guys .

P.S.: Is this a bug ?? I never heard about it ... And I searched a lot and didn't find nothing

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yup, sessions did the job :-|
BTW I noticed that the page properties (right-mouse-click -> properties) also didn't give a File size when using a php generated page(with session).

Maybe a solution to your fileSize problem:
- get the HTML/page fileSize, using PHP function
- get the img. fileSize using a javascript for loop ::

for(i=0; i < document.images.length; i++){
  sizeimg += document.images[i].fileSize;

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