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System Hang-ups

My system hangs while playing "some" of the 3D games.
Where does the problem lie?
1 Solution
Check your video drivers for compatibility with your games and also check that the drivers you have are up to date.  May even want to check other device drivers for being up to date.  One thing I have run into is sometimes a "service" program or other programs (the ones that load the icons at the lower right corner on the tool bar) may be in conflict (fight over available resources) with the program you are trying to run.  Try going into the system manager and eliminate some of the auto start services and programs and features that you know you don't need to have running all the time and see if that might help.  May want to just disable one  or two at a time so that you can narrow down which one(s) are causing you the grief.  

Mine killer was a program that came with my CR/RW.

Good Luck.
Make sure you have updated DirectX, as some games require may require more advanced DirectX components.
What is your Motherboard and other system specs?
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akifnaseerAuthor Commented:
Well Baddog,I have DirectX-8 currently. so no problem there.
And kwijibo My system specs are:
Celeron-333 (Socket 370) cpu
mobo is of ACORP using intel's 440LX chipset.
AGP card is also of ACORP using intel's i740 chipset(or whatever it is.)
Operating system is Win98.
RAM is (64+64)MB.
Sound card is an ISA one.
Thanx sppalser for ur detailed reply but There aren't any programs that run parallel to the games i play, so i don't think ther is any such conflict.
ACORP does not provide latest drivers of the AGP card, so i have to use the old drivers.

One important thing i forgot to mention is that if i use software rather than hardware acceleration, as some games (like TR-3) ask, the game does not hang; but then the performace is poor.
Do you have the latest drivers for your video card and motherboard components? (I know you said that ACORP doesn't provide latest drivers, but do intel provide a chipset driver like nvidia do?)  

I am assuming that your machine meets the minimum requirements for the games you are playing.  

Also if your machine is old and you have had the installation of windows on it for some time and you have installed and uninstalled many programs, it is a good practice to format the hard drive and reinstall all software regularly.  This gets around older programs crappy uninstall routines that leave remnants of the program on you hard drive or just in the registry.  I have seen this fix many problems in machines, especially older ones that rely on every ounce of power they have.


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