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WIN 2k, Problem getting Broadband to share through lan.

Hi, I have Windows 2000 pro installed and have a broadband connection which uses a DHCP IP Address. The connection works fine untill I have tried to network 2 PC's at home in order to share the broadband internet use. As soon as you create a LAN for the PC's and click the tab to allow internet sharing, the LAN seems to steal the DHCP that the broadband is using, stopping the broadband connection. In every other way the network works fine, allowing file sharing and mapping as normal, I just can't seem to get the broadband working through the network. I have also tried static addresses for the LAN but it still loses the Broadband DHCP when internet sharing is enabled. My question is, in windows 2000 how do I get internet sharing when the broadband ip is set by  DHCP. (both machines are running Win 2000 pro)
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the only way i was able to do it was to staticly assign the DNS address from the isp to the adapter that i enabled internet sharing on, and used static ip's for my home network. I also set the default gateway up as the isp's dhcp address that i aquired. A cable router is the easiest way to do all this though, especially since they are so cheap now. (like $50.00 for a 4 port).
If you decide to use a cable/dsl router don't use internet sharing on the pc's. And make the router the gateway for the pc's.
If you have broadband and it serves DCHP addresses, it's most likely running as a PPPoE connection.  The easiest way to share PPPoE is to use a broadband router that supports PPPoE.  Otherwise upgrade one of the PCs to XP and use the built in PPPoE support and follow the steps in MS Knowledgebase article Q316276 to share the broadband connection.  Let me know if you are getting DHCP addresses from your ISP and are not running PPPoE.  HTH
Most broadband modems that provide dhcp addresses only do so for one device.  When you run ICS you are creating another DHCP server on your network.

Broadband - Workstation 1 (NIC 1) - Workstation 1 (NIC2) - Workstation 2 (NIC 1)

NIC 1 on Workstation 1 should be receiving all of it's IP configuration from your broadband connection. (IP Address, Default Gateway and DNS servers.)  NIC 2 through ICS should be providing NIC 1 on Workstation 2 with an internal IP and passing along DNS, Default Gateway settings.

This uses resources on Wks1 and Wks must be on all the time Wks 2 want to connect.  I agree with the above recommnedations to look into broadband router, some are less expensive than the 2nd NIC you placed in your multihomed machine.
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What sort of broadband?
Via a router?

using a command prompt.
ipconfig /all

post the output info here before and after you setup sharing.

You shouldn;t really have to setup anything for the slave computer once you have enabled it to accept a DHCP address.

One the server you shouldn't have to setup an internal address as it sets up an automatic 192.168.0.# network once sharing has been enabled.

However, if your broadband unit is connected via Ethernet it may be already on that network addressing and will have to be modified. If this an ethernet connection, i would hope that you have already tried DHCP assigned addresses on both clients just incase the unit is a dhcp server.

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brinip.. did you need any more information?  MSGeek
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Thanks for the help guys... sorry it took so long to come back, but thought I'd already accepted an answer...
Thanks again.


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