How to use LPDISPATCH *ADODBRecordset

I have the following in my cpp file and is created in my idl file...

idl - STDMETHOD(StartReformatProcess)(/*[in]*/ int skip, /*[in]*/ int iloop,/*[in]*/ LPDISPATCH *ADODBRecordset, /*[out]*/ int *errorNo);

cpp - STDMETHODIMP CReformatter::StartReformatProcess(int skip, int iloop, LPDISPATCH *ADODBRecordset, int *errorNo)
//How would i access the recordset that was passed to me.


I guess my question here is "how would I access the recordset from the LPDISPATCH declaration.  I have a VB dll passing it into my VC++ dll... I know that the VB DLL is able to pass it... but I don't know how to use LPDISPATCH to get the recordset information.. can some one please help me out by giving my some examples.


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You have to do something like:

IRowset* lpRowset = NULL;
ADODBRecordset->QueryInterface(IID_IRowset, (void**)&lpRowset);
then do what you wish
then release the lpRowset as well...

also look here:


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