I can't get my hp960 to print from usb

I had a different hp on it before and it printed fine I think it has something to do with the name of the port the old printer port had a specific name related to the printer model "USB/DeskJet_840C/CN0BA1P181LB
I tried to change the 840C to 960C but no luck.
Any help would be humbly appreciated
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potsyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think you need to re-install your drivers.  First I would unplug all of the printers.  Then I would go into add/Remove programs in the control panel, and remove any left over hp software.  Then I would put in the CD that came with the printer.  Follow the on screen instructions and don't plugin the new printer until it asks you.

leocottAuthor Commented:
I ended up uninstalling all files associated to the hp960 from the OEM install disk that I fanagled from a friend.
I then did a clean install from the OEM install disk and VOILA usb port was configured and I was given a drop down box with a usb/960c..... choice in it.
Once again thank you,
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