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- Emulator Programming- NES-


Yeah, so I am masochistic enough to want to write an emulator for the NES. I know there are a bunch out there, but I want to do one on my own. I have the resources for NES system specs, 6502 Instruction Set and all. I was wondering if any of you out there have any pointers, websites to help me tackle the following topics. Any comments/suggestions are appreciated

1. Tools necessary: 6502 (dis)assembler(s), x86 assembler, profiling tool, C compiler
2. API programming: Basically I want to avoid using C++ at all costs. Do any of you know of other approaches?
3. Graphics rendering: Could I just program the graphics card via a DOS interrupt? Or should I use certain C libraries?
4. Sound programming: Similar to above, would I write to the sound card?

I'm really interested in this and would appreciate some help from the fellow bitpushers out there. Thanks.
2 Solutions
You should use DX or openGL to do it. Under no circumstances try to adress the graphics or sound card by yourself.

I can't see any reason to avoid using C++. Emulating the NES with modern hardware doesn't really require you to max out the machine with cryptic assembler routines so why do it?

I think you can find the source to several of the ones that are out there and see what they have done.
I assume you intend to write your emulator for DOS.

Here are some sites (this should cover most if not all of what you wanted):

-- nesdev.parodius.com

Alot of NES utilities (6502 assemblers/disassemblers, ROM tools, etc.)

-- www.zophar.net

Emulators and tools for a variety of platforms including NES

-- nasm.sourceforge.net

NASM - Great, free x86 assembler

-- www.delorie.com/djgpp/

DJGPP - Free 32-bit C/C++ dev suite (compiler and linker) based on GCC

-- www.rhide.com


-- alleg.sourceforge.net

Allegro - Very popular (and free) set of libraries for graphics, sound, user input, etc.

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