Can i host a VPN from home?

I've got Win 2000 Pro and i am using it to create some personal websites.

is it possible for me to host a vpn so that a friend of mine can have full access to my server and change/view the pages on my server via the Net.

I have a constant broadband connection via NTL (U.K.)

cheers guys
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What OS is your friend running?
G'day, Martz
If you both have Win2k or if your friend has XP, you can create IPSEC tunnel. It will depend on your broadband connection and if you have a router capable of forwarding ports from the public IP address to the private IP address of your workstation.

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MartzAuthor Commented:
hmm... i don't have a router of any kind, just my broadband stuck straight into a network card.(set-top box cable modem)

i have read up a bit on the IPSEC tunnel and protocols etc but all i can find is how to connect to a vpn, not actually host one. Is there an easy 'click here to make your network a vpn' (i know this isn't the case!!)

sorry i can't provide much info, i really do need the very basics here!

(he is on XP by the way, probably talk him round to 2000pro if needs be)

cheers guys
If you have no router/firewall on your side, then he already has full access. Just create an account for him to use.
He can simply connect to your IP address
net use M: \\<ipaddress>\share password /USER:username

or he can create an hosts file entry for you:

youripaddress    myfriend

then he can connect to:
net use M: \\myfriend\share password /USER:username

MartzAuthor Commented:
cheers for that irmoore, i'll give it a try tonight and let you know.
MartzAuthor Commented:
cheers mate, that's worked like a dream.

one other thing, this has given full access to my files but can he use my server from here (to run .asp pages). Tried directly referencing it with the i/p address but to no avail.

am i missing something simple or does something else need to be set up

Not sure I understand what you're tying to do, or what you mean by "run .asp pages". You might want to post a question in the Web Development TA
MartzAuthor Commented:
I mean that to view web pages over my server i type 'http://localhost/web/etc.' in my browser, can my friend get access to this. It must go over the server like this for asp to work.

if you don't know don't worry, you've earned the points.
Only way this will work using 'localhost' is for your friend to add antother host file entry:
youripaddress   localhost

and make sure that this line is NOT in the host file   localhost

else if he already has a hosts entry for you,
he can use http://myfriend/web/etc

if not


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MartzAuthor Commented:
cheers mate

my faith in experts exchange is restored!!
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