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new session upon saving of page in IE...

I am transacting through IE browser using JSP session and during these transactions, I am saving each JSP as html (specifically: using IE file then save as...).  However, I found out that a new session is created during the saving process and so my servlet is receiving an unexpected session and so resulting to an error (some expected data are lost).  Is this normal?  I hope it's not...  Plese help...

Aris Adrian B. Datuin
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Sessions are destroyed and created on the server so I don't understand why your servlet is having a problem.
save as won't create a new session, it will be the save effect as you go to another page and hit back. that means if you set your page expires or no-cache. the request will be re-sent to server for process. this sometimes cause a errors when some data have already been processed in previous request.
If there is a new session being created then it is your server code that is creating it. Check that your server code handles correctly the page being resubmitted.

What makes you think a new session is being created?
arisadrianAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comment...  It was a big help...
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