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Hotsync issues with Windows XP (upgrade Me) and Palm m130 - USB Not Recognizing Cradle

I simply cannot get my Palm m130 to hotsync with my desktop computer.  
I can get it to work on my laptop (333 mhz) running Windows 98, but not my desktop (1.3 G) with Windows XP (upgraded from Me), so I know it's not the Palm or the cradle.  We've narrowed it down to communication between the cradle and the USB port, it's not recognized (viewing through device manager).  I have tried EVERY USB port on my computer (I have 4).  Any other peripheral I hook up to the USB ports is recognized.  Palm support told me that I needed to "enable legacy support" for the USB port through my BIOS settings.  My BIOS only has options for "auto" and "disable."  Auto was already on!  I chose disable, and then auto... re-saved the settings and it's still not being recognized!  I'm about at my wits end... Any ideas anyone??
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Two things may be causing that, one if the version of Hotsync Manager, you may need to DL the Upgraded version from Palm Website.

the other issue may be drivers for your USB ports. This happens if you have USB 2.0 or even some 1.1 ports will require the USB update from MS. I cannot find the update since they have bundled most of there previous updates into service pack 1 so you may want to try (I am not a big SP fan) downloading SP1.

I would try updating the Hotsync Manager SW first.
sassafras09Author Commented:
I do have the latest version of the Hotsync Manager...
And I do have all the MS updates.
I even updated my BIOS and still no luck!!
sassafras09Author Commented:
I do have the latest version of the Hotsync Manager...
And I do have all the MS updates.
I even updated my BIOS and still no luck!!
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I posted this one awhile back, I hope it helps.

I will assume everyone has tried the basics if not please do them before attempting anything else at this point.


1. Soft reset the unit
2. Exit the Hotsync manager on the PC
3. Open the hotsync manager on the PC
4. Make sure Local USB is checked or Local sync for palm folk
5. Plug the cradle directly to the computer, no hubs or port replicators or docking stations.
6. Push down on the unit while pressing the hotsync button. Close your eyes and count to ten. No happy hotsync sound :( .. continue

Please be careful with the rest of this.

WinXP Instructions. (DO NOT ATTEMPT ON 98, ME OR 2000)

1. Click Start | Run type regedit
2. File | Export
3. Enter a filename | Make sure the Export range is set to "All"
4. Hit "Save"

5. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Enum\USB

6. Expand the Folder "USB", Now depending on which device you are using Palm or Handspring you may see one or two of the following

vid_082d&PID0100  ---- handspring
vid_082d&PID0200  ---- handspring
vid_0000&PID0000  ---- all
vid_0830&PID0001  ---- palm

Please note the numbers after "PID" may be different than the ones shown.

Whichever one you have DO NOT EXPAND THE FOLDER. Right click on the folder and chose "Permissions".

From the permissions window, check on the box to "ALLOW" "FULL CONTROL". Hit Apply and then OK

Now be careful here, delete the VID Key you allowed full control to. Again do not open the folder, simply right click and chose delete. You will need to duplicate these steps if you have multiple vid keys from the list above. If you are not allowed to delete the key simply move to the next one.

Ok, next navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet002\Enum\USB

Repeat step 6

So you made it this far, good.

Unplug all and any USB device and restart the computer. Once the computer has fully booted plug back in the USB cradle directly to the computer (very important). Check your basic settings, soft reset the unit and attempt to hotsync.

If you are prompted to find a driver, navigate to whereever your palm or handspring folder is located and highlight the drivers folder and click OK. You do not need to specify the driver it will find it by itself if the correct folder is chosen.

Please re-post if you have questions or concerns. One more thing to add. If you really want to make sure you are deleteing the correct VID key you can search your computer for a file called 1. PalmUSBd.inf or 2. VisorUSB.inf
Both of these files have a list of the correct vid keys. Just open the file using Notepad.

If you need steps for 98, ME, 2000, OS 7.5 - 9.2 or OS X please repost.

If anything goes wrong double click on the backup registry file you made and import your old settings.

sassafras09Author Commented:
I tried your solution and it didn't work!  I still get ".. connection was lost.  Some of your data was NOT backed up.  Please check your setup and try again."
FYI:  I did have a folder ..ConstrolSet001\Enum\USB -- I did not have a ControlSet002.  I did however have a ControlSet003 which I did NOT change bc that was not in your instructions....

Please advise!
As long as the registry is backed up all should be safe. Just dont delete anything else except the vid key.
sassafras09Author Commented:
FYI:  When I first did this, it didn't work.. but I had my cradle plugged in my regular USB 2.0 ports.  Remember a while back I said I purchased a USB 1.0 compatible PCI card... well when I plugged it in THAT PORT... IT WORKED!   Go figure.  It must have been a combination of things...

THIS HAS BEEN A TOTAL NIGHTMARE... and to be quite honest Palm was NOT helpful at all....  That's too bad bc I love the product!

You are awesome.  Thank you so much!
your welcome,
I still have the same basic problem - when using the cradle, I can't get any communication with the PC. (Palm m500, PC running under WinXP SP2)
I tried looking for the vid keys - no luck. I do not have any of the vid keys mentioned. I do have 6 other vid keys:
Further advice would be much appreciated before tampering with stuff I don't understand!
I'm in the same boat with a Palm m515 and USB crable tying to talk to a Toshiba Satellite running XP Home Edition.  I actually has it working for several months, then it quit.  I can't remember how I fixed it the first time but I do remember it took hours and hours and it was painful!

I don't have any vid keys with a reference to Palm so don't know what to do next.

Help! (please)
I wish to offer a sincere thanks to dhickey. His solution resolved my exact same issue of a Handspring unit that was working just great, then decided to not hotsync with the computer.

Thanks dhickey!!

dan :)
that didnt work for me- i am having a smiliar issue but everytime i restart those files reappear in the registry.

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