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Windows 2000 AD and DNS question.

I have inherited a situation where I have 4 branch offices. Each is set up as its own network and has its own server. The domains are all NT domain names that are the same name (abc). Later they found that (abc.com) was already taken as a FQDN and consequently they registered (xyz.com). I am replacing the servers and installing win2k server on them.  In planning for the domain naming structure for AD, what would be the best DNS naming scheme for each office. Should they all be in one domain, or should each office be a separate domain. ie, all offices using xyz.com for a domain vs. north.xyz.com, south.xyz.com, east.xyz.com, west.xyz.com.  These are small offices of 30-40 users each.  I would like to connect them via VPN eventually. I have a DSL in in each office and externally hosted email and web page.
Golf Bill
Golf Bill
2 Solutions

I would recommend keeping it simple here. I would have on master domain with each branch office as a seperate OU. Microsoft only recommends multiple domains for the following conditions:

1.You have two or more groups in your organization with distinct domain user account policy requirements.

2.Your organization responds to political requests for autonomous administration of departments or divisions.

3.You want to partition your data to bring it closer to users, and to limit where it is replicated.

If you feel that the DSL/VPN links between sites is somewhat unrealiable you might want to configure a single domain with multiple physical sites, replication traffic would be on a less-frequent schedule. But if you feel site links are not realiable at all, then do Master domain with multiple child domains. I think your decision will hinge on your site connections, hope that helps...
I would also just say that you don't need to use a public FQDN on your internal network, in fact it's probabily better that you don't to avoid confusion with your website and mail. The FQDN of your companies internal network can be anything you likeg. xyz-intranet.com.
Golf BillAuthor Commented:
I would like to have one domain. I keep reading that their will be DNS resolution problems if I use xyz.com for me AD DNS name, because that is our hosted name.
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