paradox Database Sharing

i have 2 machines with my application, i ran both application. the other application loaded normally but the second one prompts an error


"Directory is controlled by other .NET file.
 Directory: C:\

how can i ran both application having a paradox database simultaneously?
anybody can share to me some answers?

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ryan_sabarreAuthor Commented:
anybody can help me?
did u try to change Local Share option as TRUE in BDE Administration/ Configuration tab/sytem/INIT (default driver should be paradox)
before opening any table use

session.netfiledir := 'H:\DATABASE';

there are some another issues for using
paradox in a multiuser-enviroment

meikl ;-)
I really recommend using a real DBMS rather than Paradox tables.  Your reliability, even on a single user app, goes way up.  When sharing, your reliability and speed are improved by significant factors.

Interbase is cheap, its open-source variant (firebird) is free, MySQL is Free, and so on.

It's a bit more complex to set up, but it pays for itself the first time you don't have to rebuild your indexes as you often need to with Paradox.

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You must use TSession - and be sure that the Net file is located on a drive visible to both computers.

Sometimes it's necessary to remove older Paradox.lck/Pdoxusr.lck if already exist. Normally the files is deleted automatically, but if the program crash they won't be deleted.

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