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Clustering switches or not?

I have 3 cisco 3548 switches that are all on the same LAN. Right now each switch is configured as vlan1 with all ports a member. Question is how to improve performance?  Should these switches be put in a cluster configuration? What else can be done to improve network performance between the switches.  All ports are set for spanning-Tree = portfast, printers 10 mb half, workstations 100 full. I am seeing no collisions on the switches.
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1 Solution
putting them into a cluster won't make them any faster. Are you using Gigabit uplinks or 100M uplinks between the switches? You can use port channeling to create a faster uplink. Uplink connections should have uplinkfast vs portfast enabled.
You should not see any collisions, but what about crc errors? Duplex mismatch is the #1 cause of slow performance on switched networks.

Network troubleshooting

The vast majority of network problems lies in the physical makeup of the network and the electrical connections. Connecting to 10/100 switch creates several issues with speed and duplex mismatches.

Most Network Interface Cards are factory set to autonegotiate the speed and duplex settings. If the switch and the NIC don't get it right, problems ensue. Intermittent connectivity issues result from a duplex mismatch (one end sets up full duplex and the other end at half duplex), non-conectivity issues result from speed mismatch.
Crossover cables vs straight-through used in the wrong places or wired incorrectly.


High Rate of Collisions on 100-Megabit Networks with Windows XP:

Hidden in Windows XP's System Information utility is a very good tool for getting a lot more information about what's going on. Go to Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | System Information. Then choose Net Diagnostics from the Tools menu. The program will ping your DNS servers, gateways, SMTP and POP3 mail servers, and proxies; test your modem and network adapters; and supply very detailed reports about your settings, as well as which tests passed and which failed.
JaysonJacksonAuthor Commented:
I have the duplex issues settled for some time Just look for some time. just not sure about the uplinkfast vs portfast enabled.

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