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Finding printers by the MAC addresses

I have an assignment to turn IPX/SPX off of all printers. I have been given the MAC addrress of the printers and need to locate them. We have probbaly over 300 printers on our LAN and there is 11 that have IPX/SPX turned on. How can I locate these printers by there MAC only and no other information?
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It really depends on your network setup.  But in general I would start at your core and work out.  For example, find out where that MAC address is coming into your core by showing the MAC address table on your core devices.  This should give you the next step.  Work out from there until you get to the switch that has the printer directly connected, then figure out which port it is on, and VOILA!  
Or, if you are also running IP on your network, do an ARP lookup on the MAC address and find out which subnet the printer is on.  Assuming you separate your geographical and logical networks together, it should narrow your search quite a bit.
What happens if you do an "arp -a" at the dos prompt?  With TCP/IP it will display your current IP address along with your MAC address.  You can also try an "arp -g" and that might give you some info.  On mine it gave me my NIC MAC and my gateway MAC.

What if you run something like Angry IP Scanner. Scans you network for an entire IP range that you specify. It gives you info like, IP, MAC address.. Hostname...

Not sure if this is what you were looking for but it's worth the shot. Search for it in Google. You'll find the download for it.

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I use shadow security scanner. If you input the ip address or subnet range, it will scan all these IPs and will give you, along with all vulnerabilities and opened ports, the NetBIOS name and MAC address of all the computers and devices within the ip range.  If you have a good naming convention, it should be easy to track down the equipment, in your case,,,printers.

You must be a member of the Administrators Group to get info from remote PCs/Network printers.

If you can get the IP address as described above, by using ARP, then most network printers allow you to access them using an internet browser, and you can turn off the ipx remotely, as long as you have the password.
common default ones are username:sysadm,service,admin, password:password or none.
At the least, you will have the printer type, name and ip.
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