LAN Cabling


We want to network upto 10 PCs in different rooms of an office.
Wall plugs have RJ-45 socket.

Is the procedure as simple as this:

1. Install NICs in all PCs
2. Drop UTP cabling between all PCs and their respective wall-plugs
3. Configure TCP/IP or Netbeui to get the PCs to communicate
4. Setup NTFS permissions to establish access where required

My problem is I know the cables should collect somewhere together & at this point I will link them into a hub/switch.  But we cannot find any such place in the office.

If I want to just setup a simple peer-to-peer LAN with a printer on one of the PCs, can I just apply the 4 steps above & not worry about the hub?

Pls. give me whatever advice you can.
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No you need a switch/hub to connect those pc's together.
If there are RJ-45 wall sockets, and they are cabled there should be a collection point with a patchpanel, look around for a rack with alot of RJ-45 sockets on it.

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Is this building a building housing more than one office/company?

If so it could be that the patchpanel is centralized and maintained by another company or the building owners itself.
Basic answer --- You need a  Hub or Switch(preferred).

You have the basic logic correct, but option 4 is Operating System settings, needed to control access and permissions.

The HUB/SWITCHES is the needed for the HARDWARE to talk to each other.

Simply put,

the NIC, CABLE, HUB, SWITCH, and PATCH PANEL work at a hardware level


WINDOWS(Operating System), NETBEUI, TCP/IP, NTFS permissions is software level.

One other bit, you mentioned all the PC's have plugs at them.  Are they wall plugs with punch down's, if so you can connect right to them, with a punch down tool. And you will want to go with a switch, the cost is not much more than a hub, and it will make a faster network over all.  Ideally if you do plan on expanding in the future, you might want to invest in a patch panel like angry tech mentioned.  It is basicaly just a block that allows you to keep all the cable runs ends in one logical place.  You also use the same punch down tool to hook them up.
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