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I just want to know what the flag is that you would put with g++ to create the C representation of the C++ program??

g++ first changes the C++ program to a C program and runs gcc on it, so how can I stop it and display the C file?
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>>>g++ first changes the C++ program to a C program and runs gcc on it,

whereever u found this information . didnt they mention how to do this?

did u try looking at g++ manual .. all its capabilities are very well documented in its man page
The C and C++ compilers are integrated; g++ is a script to
call gcc with options to  recognize  C++.   gcc  processes
input  files  through  one or more of four stages: prepro-
cessing, compilation, assembly,  and  linking.  

this never said that it converts the code to c..
so as far as i see...it calls gcc to recognize c++ code .. but  i doubt if it ever tries to convert to c..
InternAuthor Commented:
Well if that is the case, my professor had no idea what he was talking about then.  He told me that g++ translated a C++ program to C then ran gcc on the C program.  

I thought a translator would make life easier, but I guess I will just start writing in C.  Maybe I will get good at that too.
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InternAuthor Commented:
Linux does turn C and C++ code into assembly, then it runs an assembler on that code right?

because you can get the assembly listing with -S
yes u can get the assembly listing.. and with -E u can get the preprocessed listing ..

but i am not sure that if u dont specify the -S option then  also it will try to make the assembly code ..
 may be it can generate object code directly from C code ..
but i have strong feeling that it does make the assembly code first .. always

and about your professor .. well he may be right .. why not u ask him for the  details . i wud luve to have new knowledge
.. but i believe there is no such intermediate step..

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in some discussion i came across this comment from some other expert .. might be of some interest to you..

In the long long time ago ...
C++ compiler always convert *.CPP to *.C, before compile it to machine code.
You can't believe it now, but yes it did. It convert the object into struct, the method into modified function, etc.
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