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setting font style for text output

Posted on 2003-03-11
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-02
I am opening a text output file as follows:

Open "filename" For Output As #2

This is a notepad file. I now want to set the font style to "Courier". How ? The reason for this is the equal character spacing of the Courier font for columnar spacing.
Question by:gron

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ID: 8111634
Notepad does not understand any formatting.
You would be better with the RTF (Rich Text Format)
using a RichTextBox control.

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ID: 8111642


If you open the file as output, it means that you are writing to it. Then, you _can't_ set the font of the file: the file is only a set of characters!

The font that you see is the one you set up in your editor (e.g. Notepad).

If you mean that you want to open the file for _input_ and show it in your application, then simply set the "Font" property of the textbox, richtextbox, or whatever control you need.

Let me know more details if you need more info
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The only other choice is to output into a file with formatting that some application will understand.  Notepad does not understand formatting, but others do, such as a browsers, so you could write this:

strOutputText = txtOutputInfo.Text ' transfer message here

Open "filename.htm" For Output As #2

print #2, "<HTML>"
print #2, "<BODY>"
print #2, "<FONT FACE='Courier New'>"; strOutputText; "</FONT>"
print #2, "</BODY>"
print #2, "</HTML>"
close #2

Note that I used Courier New, which is a better choice than Courier.
Also note that I saved this as an html file (in the open statement) so that you can just double-click it and see it in your browser.
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That's not a "notepad file". It is just plain text file that you COULD open with notepad.
If you need to change the font in Notepad, you have to change to the registry, open the file with Notepad and change to the registry again.
The key is located at:

The steps should be:
Save the current value
change it
open the file
restore the original value:
To change values to registry, see this link:
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Accepted Solution

rspahitz earned 200 total points
ID: 8112039
I'm not positive, but I think the Notepad font change is only available starting with Windows 2000.  If you have an earlier system, I'm pretty sure you're stuck with Courier New anyway.

Another possibility is to simply write yourself a simple app that "simulates" notepad.  Just add a textbox to a form, maximize it in the Resize event procedure, and add a menu with a few commands to load, save, cut/copy/paste.

Yet another possibility is to grab an older version of Notepad from, say Win95, rename it to something like Notepad95.exe and deliver that with your app and call it on demand.

Author Comment

ID: 8112423
Sorry folks, the question was badly worded. After I create the output file, I then open it with a

Shell "notepad filename", 3

It's at this point that I would have wished to set the fontname.
rspahitz: yes, you're right, I'm working with W2K. W98 also has a font name option under "Edit - Set Font", but I don't know about the others.
Ritchie: Good idea, but it's in a different registry location on W98, and maybe others OS.
So I'm going with the flow here, and re-designing the app. Thanks all.

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