Java WebServer

I am writing a java webserver.  Right now, my server can serve up htm/html files with no problem.  Even .css files inside seem to work (although sometimes when I refresh the page, the css doesnt' take effect).  I have one big quesiton...and a smaller question.

First question (the big one) is - my images are not showing up in the browser.  The way I am printing the requested files (the html files and all the files that are used in the html code) to the browser is by using this code:

  // first my pw var is set like this
  output = new PrintWriter(new BufferedWriter(new OutputStreamWriter(clientSocket.getOutputStream())), true);
  PrintWriter pw = new PrintWriter(output, true);
  try {
     * file input stream for the file requested by the client
    FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream(fileName);

    for (int; i != -1;
      pw.print((char) i);

    pw.println(" ");          // print a blank line for the header
    pw.println(" ");          // print a blank line for the header

  } catch (IOException e) {
    System.err.println("Could not open or read file " + fileName);
  }, that works fine.  Now, I figured that the reason an image (say a jpg file) isn't being displayed is because it isn't a FileInputStream, but rather a FileImageInputStream.  So, what I did was add another case that if a jpg (i have other files, but i used a jpg file as a test) file was being requested, I'd basically do the same code above, except I'd use a FileImageInputStream.  This didn't work either.  Anyone have any suggestions?!?!

My 2nd question was just a question of curiousity...  When I start my server, it works fine in Netscape when i use http://localhost:8080/ and it also works fine when i enter http://my_ip:8080/  (of course 8080 is the port I'm running the server on).  Now, when I use IE, http://localhost:8080/ will just redirect to the actual in the URL bar, it will just place the local file (i.e. - C:\MyServer\webpage\index.html) of course it displays it all correctly because the browser is just reading the straight files...the server isn't doing anything.  When I put in http://my_ip:8080/, it says page not found.  So, I was curious about why IE doesn't work and why Netscape does (not a biggie..just curious...maybe IE just sucks :) )


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I think your problem could be that PrintWriter sends chars, wheras you are sending binary data...

Can you just use the OutputStreamWriter you declare in your first line...
ctjoumasAuthor Commented:
I tried that - no go...
bah :-(

Maybe this can's ugly as sin, but it's supposed to work :-(
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ctjoumasAuthor Commented:
Thanks!  This worked out...  it's not *quite* working yet, but my images are showing up...its crashing on some other images, but I will get it going :)

Cool :-)  Glad I could point you in the right direction :-)
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