Jive Forums?

Has anyone used Jive Forums- I have a few questions to ask about integrating with an existing web app if there is anyone out there.
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I worked on a project at CNet before I left.  We were getting pretty far along with Jive.  It is an extremely cool and flexible application.  Matt, the CIO, is also extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

What kind of question do you have?  Have you tried the Jive Forums?
2djohnAuthor Commented:
Hi Sheltonn,

I am trying to set up my own user authentication system.  I did look through the forums at Jive and asked a couple of questions, but no repsonse so far and I'm in a bit of a rush (aren't we all).  I found a lot of info in their forums but some seemed out of date, and some seemed to contradict others.

I guess there are 3 things that I need to do:

1) get the forums web app working- that is done, and within my own web app.
2) get the authentication going- I think I get the gist of this and have begun writing CustomAuthFactory and CustomAuthToken methods.
3) Use my own database- this is where I am confused by the CustomUserManager and SimpleuserAdapter- I am not seeing the big picture here I think!

Any help or pointers or sample code would be greatly appreciated.  I don't mind raising the points if you think it would take more effort than it's worth at the moment.
The custom authentication pieces give you signature methods that allow you to provide authentication to their system.  Basically, they define the interface.  In the methods, you implement your custom authentication code (or call your legacy authentication code if it has a java api).  In this method, you can do whatever you need to do (e.g. open a JDBC connection and hit the DB, use JNDI to hit a LDAP repository, etc).

The gist of it is here:

This thread used to have a download:

The implementation download has been moved - you may be able to post to the thread and get Matt to point you to where it is in the docs.  It may be in the Jive download somewhere.

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