Task Scheduler... Where is "interact with desktop"??

I was wondering where the "Interact with Desktop" setting is on Task Scheduler for Win2k.  I schedule a job to run, example "notepad.exe".  When I log into the box via terminal server as the user the job was started under, I do not see "notepad" up on the desktop, however there is a notepad.exe present in the Task Manager.

Any clues??
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>>I was wondering where the "Interact with Desktop" setting is on Task Scheduler for Win2k.

You have to set that in the schduler's service settings. Go to the control panel, administration, the services, select the scheduler service and check the option there. This might however behave differently in a TS environment...
tsavageAuthor Commented:
Correct... seems as though this is a Terminal Server issue.  I cannot see running processes on the desktop when logged in via terminal server.  Is there any way around that?
Look in terminal services manager for user applications running.

To get the interact with desktop function running you have to modify the program to run as a service. In management tools/services. service "Logon" will allow you set how this program behaves.



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