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desperate need of help!!!

hi... i have two machines running at home, one runs windows 2k and the other win xp.... i have dsl connection and i had the netwrok set up so that the win 2k was the main comp and the xp secondary... i set up the tcp/ip and everything was fine... i could see the files and share the internet connection... now for the past three days i cant connect to the network using the xp comp... the LAN connection is there... and the light keeps flashing instead of a constant one on the hub... any idea wat cld be wrong??? ive tried almost everything and recheked the settings so many times!!!
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Need more information:  How are the two connected and how is DSL shared?  You mention a hub; I assume from you statement that the DSL goes into a modem which then connects to the hub, into which the two machines have connections as well?  Or does the DSL connection go directly into the Win2K machine from the modem and the WinXP machine is peered to it via the hub?

You say that the light on the hub is flashing but "the LAN is there".  If the Win2K machine is still access the Internet, then the prblem is that the "LAN" is not there.  The problem is in the hub, cables, NIC, or internal settings.   Can't really comment further until you sketch out the connection schematic.
it's windows :)
the best way to solve the problem is to uninstall and then install the drivers for the networking card and protocols.
be sure that you have chosen the true speed of your lan card 100Mbit full dupex probably
Are you running a firewall?  Disable it and then try to access the network, if you can it's the firewall. You'll then have to check the settings of the firewall.

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