Search engines doesn't find my homepage

I have made own homepages, but search engines doesn't find them. I have put following tags into head part of my HTML-code. So, should search engine find my page, when I write word "anssi luumi", witch is my name, to search engine? What else do I need to do?

<TITLE>Anssin Maailma</TITLE>
<META NAME="generator" CONTENT="ToniArts EasyHtml v.2.2">
<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="anssi luumi">
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Where is your page? Have you submitted it to any of the search engines? When did you publish it?

Try adding more keywords:
<meta name="keywords" content="HTML, DHTML, CSS, XML, XHTML, JavaScript, VBScript">

and a description:

<meta name="description" content="Free Web tutorials on HTML, CSS, XML, and XHTML">

of course change the keywords and description to fit your site.

if you haven't submitted your site to search engines try:
and try this for building meta tags for you site so search engines can find your site when they spider:

hope this helps ;)
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Did you submit your page to any search engines? If no (and even if you did) it may take weeks to months for your page to show up through them. Also try looking with a variety of search engines, some update more frequently and are more dynamic than others. Try submitting to google or yahoo, both are free, but unpaid submissions take longer to be processed. I think it took about 6-8 weeks for one of mine.
First of all,
you hafe to submit your site to a search engine like google...
when you do it takes a long time.
i submitted my site to google about a month or 2 ago and its still not on there...
goood luck!!!
As markyello advised, search engines can take 2-3 months to include your site, and even then, they have to 'accept' you.  Make sure that when you submit your site do the big search engines, you do so in the most accurate category possible.  And make sure you don't have many "under construction signs."  Also, don't use meta tags to try and fake-out the search engines; keep your meta-tags simple...  the ones you show in this post are good.

Note the difference between a search engine and a web-crawler.  search engines like yahoo and google require you to manually add your sight and wait for them to accept it.  web-crawlers crawl the web themselves and add your pages based on your meta-tags.  i can't think of a good example of a web-crawler off the top of my head.

ps, if you pay yahoo money -- about $200 -- they will expedite reviewing your site for inclusion in their search engine.
A little know fact of search engine submission is Hah, probably never heard of them, well they handle all of AOL, some of Yahoo & part of Google's listings. Between those three you are probably looking at 70% of the web. Follow there instructions VERY carefully when submitting & then sit back & wait.

Also the other folks are right, it can take anywhere from a month to a year to get picked up but there are a few other tricks to help you along the way:

Make sure you "keywords" section of you META tags are actually key phrases (IE: a car dealer in LA would have "used Nissan cars" & "used cars in Los Angeles")..ALSO VERY IMPORTANT! make sure the phrases or keywords appear in the body text of the pages, if they cant find them you wont get indexed.

Keep you description META tag under 150 words & make sure it has ACTION words (verbs) that acurately describe your site. Having some of you keywords in the description will also help. Here's a quick example for our car dealer: "ABC Used cars is the number one certified used Nissan dealer in Los Angeles, serving the all of LA County. We offer used cars & pricing to fit any customer's needs." or something like that.

Make sure you have meta tags on ALL Pages of your site, not just the index....if a spider follows a link to a page without them it MAY skip the page.

Make sure the title of each page contains one of your key words, if at all possible.....& dont make them to darn long!

Submit to the majors engines approximately every 4-6 months, then check your listing when you do get listed & see what you competitiors are doing, tweak your keywords & description & resubmit. DO NOT resubmit any more often than this! When submitting make sure to read the instructions & follow them TO THE LETTER, if you break the rules they will dump you in a NY minute...there is too much to do without having to deal with someone who doesnt read instructions.

Lastly dont try to out fox these companies, they know 99% of the tricks & will ignore you if they catch you....its just NOT WORTH IT. You also must know that web site promotion is a full time job in itself. People make BIG bucks doing this for a living & it isnt always fun BUT DO NOT fall for these "submit to 2000 search engines for $49.99" scams because that's exactly what they are... Hope some of this helps

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