Setup Proxy For Lan(Crossover)

My family and i have recently used proxies to surf the net and hide our IP address. I'm new to this. We have a simple Crossover with my station as the dialup. I want them to have their own proxy address to increase security. Is this possible with a simple Crossover?
If so could someone explain how?

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Don't think you can do it. You only get 1 IP address, and that address is assigned to the dialup adapter. If you're using the proxy on this PC, you can't pass on another address to the other PC. It just does not work that way.
proxy means one acting for another, in this case your dial up machine is the proxy server (pretending to be the internet) for the other machine. There really is no way to change that given your current set-up. With that explained your non proxy machine is relativey safe because its not directly connected to the internet (its ip address is differnet then the ip address on the internet and it is extremely hard to attack a machine from the outside (meaning the internet) that has this type of setup) However you are still able to be attacked from worms, trojans and other virus that work from the inside out. So to make your computer safer install a personal firewall like zonealarm (which is free) that way you can see what is going on and choose what has acces to the internet and your computer.
The others are correct, although your question was not cleary worded from a technical standpoint, leaving much to interpretation.  Unless you only use the proxy machine for jus that, proxying, you really aren't benefiting much from this configuration.  I.E., if you are sharing files/printers between the PC's, then your entire home network is as vulnerable as the proxy machine (and it is, if you don't have a firewall).  To free up an extra machine for your everday use, get a firewall/router appliance like Linksys, Netgear, or Zywall (all can be purchased from Hydra Network, 312-375-3353)
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hi Burg,
plz explain this probleam so that i could manage to help you out of this...
what kind of Windows/proxy version is this ?

can it do NAT ( Network Address Translation) ?


when connected with 1 IP address to the internet it is not possible to connect more than one PC, if NAT is running in front
(Internet Provider 1 IP - Router with NAT - multiple PC´s)

The NAT feature is working as for With NAT enabled, one has the ability to issue 253 internal static IP addresses to 253 computers using 1 external static IP address for the router. Here is how it is possible. The router itself consists of two sides, the LAN (local area network) and WAN (wide area network). The LAN side of the router is assigned a Subnet Mask of and an IP of This range enables the router to issue out IP addresses ranging from through Therefore, giving one the ability to retain 253 internal static IP addresses for 253 computers. With this in hand, we must wonder how an internal IP can request external information. This is where the WAN side of the router comes into play.


Linux can act as ROUTER/NAT for must know IPSEC

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BurgocgkAuthor Commented:
Sorry i took so long to get back to all

I'm running XP 5.1 Pro with Norton 2002 as our firewall(On both machines) and IIS running sometimes to play with ASP.

In IE Proberties:
*Something to do with hiding client
Java enabled is not set.
Java console not enabled.
Java logging not enabled.

The other machine is set to Auto Detect Settings for the dialup and the proxy set to another address(Not my settings). The Lan detects only my proxy address.

Sorry about (not cleary worded from a technical standpoint). If I'm way out of my depth please let me know. Proberly should have done more homework but I'm eager to keep the families information private and safe.

Will look into NAT & Router

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BurgocgkAuthor Commented:
Sorry for my absent. I simply set up the proxy settings in the explorer for the lan. I now use paid proxies that hide my ip address and the proxies add there own firewall to my already existing security while browsing the net. All unwanted downloads are filtered through the proxy.

Thanks to all who helped. How do i split the points? I cant find the Split Points section.
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