I have set up a network with a 5 port hub. The main pc is set up with an BT ADSL USB Modem and internet connection sharing. This used to work fine.

But now, when i connect through my laptop the connection speed is very slow. I've done a speed test at bandwidth place and it tells me that my speed is in the region of 84k per second. The connection speed on the main pc is around 460k per second.

What can i do to fix this problem on my laptop??

many thanx in advance

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FishMongerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
One step that I previously forgot is to go into device manager and remove any/all network devices then reboot and reinstall but first make sure that you have downloaded the latest drivers for your NIC any any other network device (i.e. modem).
If the main PC connection is still at speed, then the problem is in your internal network.  One of the problems with a hub is that it repeats all signals to all connected links, so if the other computers are doing anything at all (or to some degree even sitting idle) each LAN link gets congested with five times as much traffic as it needs to hear; if this is Ethernet, as is likely, then this will result in packet collisions, necessitating pauses and retransmits.   I would recommend that you get a cheap switch to replace the hub.
Using a switch would be better than the hub and may help but it won't solve the problem unless the hub is defective.  On a small home network, as long as everything else is functioning correctly, a hub will work just fine and a switch would only give a small improvement.  Before you buy a switch, do a little diagnostic work.

1. What is the scope of the problem?  Is the laptop the only computer experiencing this problem?  If so, then the problem could be, a) the port on the hub is bad, b) the cable from the hub to the laptop is bad, c) the laptop network card is bad, or d) the laptop's TCP/IP configuration is wrong or corrupt.

2. If it's isolated to the laptop, move on to step 4 and stop when you fix the problem.

3. If it's NOT isolated to the laptop, jump to step 6 then to 8

4. Move the laptop's network cable to a different port on the hub.

5. Check all TCP/IP settings or uninstall all network protocols (on the laptop) then reboot and reinstall.

6. Check the ICS setup or uninstall/reinstall ICS.

7. Replace the network cable to the laptop.

8. Replace the network card.

9. Replace the hub with a switch.
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nabbsAuthor Commented:
Thanx FishMonger,

The laptop is the only client with the problem. The main pc's connection is fine. I've tried your solution but no joy!

The problem lies in the laptop coz i've connected the usb modem to the laptop directly and i've got the same problem. The network is fine.

What can the problem be??

thanx for you response.

Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling all network protolols?  If so, then try removing all network components via Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Add/Remove Windows Components.  Once they are removed, reboot and reinstall.  If that doesn't fix the problem, then the NIC might need to be replaced.
nabbsAuthor Commented:
hi fishminger,

i've fixed the problem!

i just reset the ip config by using command and typing
netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt

this seemed to work and I'm now getting speeds of 432.6 kilobits per second.

Thank you very much for all your support and solutions.

Kind regards

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