Advanced Printing.

I have a question.. about printing.
Is it posible to print something like this:

hope someone can help me...
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DiegoCConnect With a Mentor Commented:
But, you can't follow the step by step guide?
Where you have problems?
Will be helpful if I upload a Delphi 3 project with a demo?
You seem to be using a host that does not allow outside linking..might want to upload it somewhere else, or provide a link to the page proper
Hello krydea:
I asume you want to layout the components (pic and text) that your sketch shows with the separation measured in cm.
FreeReport is a Delphi report component that has this feature. You can set the layout of text and images using cm, inches or pixels to set the coordinates and dimensions of the report elements.

You can download it at 
It's freeware.

Good luck
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krydeaAuthor Commented:
yes and i want it measured form the site's of the bv an A4.
is that posible to??
krydeaAuthor Commented:
Btw: Can you maybe drop an example for 250 points?;)
>yes and i want it measured form the site's of the bv an >A4.

Sorry, This is not clear to me, what is bv?

The report settings may be all in cm, also the margins, so if you need your measures taked from, for example, a 1,5 cm margin you can especify the left property as 3,1 cm = 1,5 cm (margin) + 1,6 cm layout of the object.

But, after my first comment I found a problem, FreeReport snap to grid the components and change a little the coordinates. For example if you set Left = 11 cm, the property is automatically changed to 11,11, but 10 cm remains 10,00.
Until now I can't find a way to correct this, perhaps is a limitation, but I hope that a difference of less than 0,1 mm don't be a big problem for you.

About the example, what you have in mind? The report designer is WYSIWYG and drag an drop, you need a snapshot in design mode or a snapshot of a finished report preview?


Sorry, I've messed up the units:

FreeReport have mm as unit (0,1 cm), so I refrase:

>For example if you set Left = 11 mm, the property is <automatically changed to 11,11 mm, but 10 mm remains >10,00 mm.
>Until now I can't find a way to correct this, perhaps is >a limitation, but I hope that a difference of less than >0,1 cm don't be a big problem for you.

krydeaAuthor Commented:
sorry i'm dutch;)
>>i want it measured form the site's of the bv an A4
'bv' = 'bijvoorbeeld' but that's dutch so:
'bv' means 'as example' but it's ok i understand it now..

no, the limitation of less 0,1 cm won't be a problem for me.

about the example can't you post how to add 2 pic's (the left one not the same sice as the right) => left=3,1 and add some text etc(just like the picture). Is that posible?plz.. it would save me loads of time doc=30 pages:)
Well, I asume that you have FR (FreeReport) installed.

1. Create a project with one form with one button.
2. Drop one frReport component over the form.
3. Set the StoreInDFM frReport property to True
4. Open the designer with double click over frReport
5. Select menu Tools, Options. Choose MM in Report Units and uncheck Align to grid. OK to accept.
6. On the left toolbar select Insert rectangle object and drop it over the report. Enter your text. Set the top-left coordinates to what you want (example 31 mm)
7. To add an image use Insert picture button. Set the top- left.
8. After set all your report layout exit the designer with File - Exit.
9. The code for the OnClick event to show the report preview is:

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);

Well, there aren't 30 pages but.... ;-)

Good luck!!

krydeaAuthor Commented:
i understand how to print the frReport but how to make it.. sorry...
if you can't help me i will try myself
krydeaAuthor Commented:
if i want to make the document by hand i could do it with word what i want is that i can add text and a pic and that he put's it in a frReport and then print it!

and yes it would be very helpfull if you could do that.
krydeaAuthor Commented:
can't you explain me with a example? bv printing a 4 colum dbdrid???
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